All Features Call Center Management Realtime Admin Dashboard

Manage multiple calls, call queues and agents through an unified dashboard

Every call center supervisor is only as good as their ability to know everything there is to know about their call center. When your team is present in your office premises all the time or nestled in one particular city or location, supervisors can monitor their work effectively. However, if you are the sort of business that wants its agents to pick up calls no matter where they are or has your phone team distributed globally, it becomes difficult for you to monitor all the agents. If important information for the effective supervision of your PBX team such as the number of callers in the queue, the number of agents on board, the availability of said agents etc. are not available real-time and through one dashboard, it can be quite the deal breaker.

With Freshcaller's cloud PBX system, you can view ongoing calls, figure out who’s waiting in the queue to talk to an agent, the status of your agents and so on just from your real-time dashboard. It’s the current state of your call center in a single glance. You can even monitor(listen in on the conversation between the agent and the caller) and barge into these calls as well if you feel it can improve your resolution rate!


Caller Queue Status

Everything you need to know about your callers in the queue - the number, the name, the company they work for, and the amount of time they’ve spent waiting in queue. You can switch between different call queues and find out the live status of all teams and queues. You can monitor your entire cloud PBX system using Freshcaller.

Active Conversations

The real-time snapshot of the conversations that are currently taking place between your agent and the customer. This snapshot is qualified with information about the customer, the talk time as well as the average talk time of your active conversations. You can supervise your cloud PBX system by keeping tabs on the talk times and even join calls (call monitoring & call barging) to improve your First Call Resolution(FCR).

Agent Status

You can figure out the availability of all the agents in your call center with a single glance. The real-time dashboard shows you who’s available and how active they are. Based on this info, you can work quickly to mitigate caller frustration by assigning callers in queue to available agents. Keep tabs on your entire call center with Freshcaller’s real-time dashboard --- the number of agents in conversations with callers, the agents who are offline or doing After Call Work (ACW) and hence unavailable to make/take calls and the time since their last activity on the Freshcaller dashboard.