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Evaluate your processes, conversations, & teams

How to use phone call reporting data to improve your contact center performance

Process Analytics

The built-in reports in the Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard help the phone team leaders to analyze the health of the entire call/contact center. It is easier to spot call trends, volume trends thereby helping you ideate and launch remedial measures to keep your customer experience amazing.






Process Analytics reporting for your phone teams Process Analytics reporting for your phone teams

Conversation Analytics

Quality of conversations directly impacts your deals, resolutions, hiring, etc. Understanding the number of call transfers, hold time, average talk time, etc. allows you to spot improvement areas easily. You can also conduct regular quality checks using the live call monitoring capability of your phone system.






Conversation analytics for phone teams Conversation analytics for phone teams

Team Analytics

Team catering to different use cases, working out of different geographic regions, typically exhibit variations in their performances. While running a contact center for your business, always look for anomalies in the data of teams and make appropriate improvements in your processes. 






Team analytics for phone teams Team analytics for phone teams

Pre-built reports inside your phone dashboard

Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) pre-built into your Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) dashboard.

Call Summary Report

Get a download of all the incoming,outgoing calls, filtered by answered versus missed versus abandoned for every individual team along with key call metrics such as handle time, wait time. etc.

Agent Summary Report

Use this report to evaluate the performance of every individual in your phone team. You can see the complete report of calls (incoming, outgoing, and missed) handled by the user along with the average handle time, speed of answer metrics. 

Call volume analysis report

This report is a trend analyzer to help you with understanding the flow of calls over the last 365 days. You will be able to spot trends in calls either on hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Custom contact center reports

Freshdesk Contact Center comes with an easy-to-use report builder capability which is completely native to your phone account. The custom report builder can utilize every single phone metric and convert that into data-sets that can be used for your analysis. The Freshdesk Contact Center custom report capability allows you to also use schedule your reports to be delivered to your work email address as well as giving you the option to add filters to your data.

Custom contact center reports Custom contact center reports

Monitoring team's performance was never easier

With our dashboard, even Jon knows everything 

With Freshdesk Contact Center's real-time dashboard, you can monitor your entire call center operations from anywhere in the world. The In-Queue section lists down all callers who are waiting to talk to your agent. In-Conversation section lists all live conversations which you can monitor and barge in as a supervisor. You can also look at the real-time agent availability status with the dashboard.









All call metrics for your phone team supervisor All call metrics for your phone team supervisor

You got your eyes on your team

Get access to comprehensive reports specific to your team. With data scoping, you can selectively restrict the data visible to supervisors in an account. You can scope data based on numbers and teams in Freshdesk Contact Center. Access in-depth reports on your team's performance, track agent-specific metrics and monitor the performance of each individual agent in your team.  





Freshdesk Contact Center data scoping Freshdesk Contact Center data scoping

AMA your phone system for metrics 

It's not fun if you are managing a team but do not have the right data to analyze how your team is performing. That is why Freshdesk Contact Center provides you with every call center metric that you ever need with extensive call metrics data along with the option to export them all. Oh, and you also get the abandoned calls data and the reason for the abandonment with your Freshdesk Contact Center account.





Call metrics Call metrics

FAQ on pre-built & custom phone call reporting & analytics

Is your reporting module available on all plans?

You will find reports in your Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard from the Blossom plan onwards. Custom report builder will only be available to customers from Garden and above.

Is there any limitation on the number of custom reports that I can build?

You can create any number of custom reports as long as it solves your business objectives. We recommend that each report is tied to a clear objective thereby giving you a clear picture of the actual performance versus the expected one.