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Service level monitoring for businesses

Why businesses should use the service level monitoring capabilities of their business phone system


Global Monitoring

With Freshdesk Contact Center’s real-time dashboard, you can manage your customer experience from anywhere in the world. Supervise your virtual teams and continuously monitor your global service level. Your global service level determines the accessibility of your brand and has to be synchronous with what your brand stands for.



Team Monitoring

Team or queue-based service level targets help you identify which teams or queues are not maintaining the target service levels. This helps you narrow down the problem areas in your call center and provides ample data to make tough calls.

service level monitoring for phone teams

Service level monitoring in Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Manage your call center by tracking & utilizing key metrics and capabilities that are required to run your phone team

Service level target

Your brand's targeted level of accessibility

Service level achieved

Actual performance of your call center measured every five minutes

Service level threshold

The time within which you want your agents to answer a ringing call

Average time to answer

The time taken by agents to answer the call

Average handle time

The total time required to finish a phone call including the after call work

Average wait time

The time spent by callers waiting to be routed to one of your phone agents

Average talk time

The actual conversation time between your agents and customers

Longest wait time

Understanding the delays in your call flows to improve customer experience

Breach filter

Filter and analyze every individual that has breached your service level


Play your service level achievements on a large screen

Short abandons

Ensure only the right calls are included for calculating your service level

Time period

Track your service level for the day or just the previous 1 hour

How to calculate service levels for your call center

Calculating and monitoring service levels helps you understand how well your call center is performing. The service level monitoring in Freshdesk Contact Center has been designed to provide maximum actionable information to supervisors in your call center. Simply put, it is calculated by dividing the total number of answered calls to the total number of calls that your agents received. Accurate service level calculations help you arrive at the right conclusions while monitoring your virtual call center.

Call center supervision made easy

Stay informed with a real-time dashboard

With Freshdesk Contact Center's real-time dashboard, you can monitor your entire call center operations from anywhere in the world. The In-Queue section lists down all callers who are waiting to talk to your agent. In-Conversation section lists all live conversations which you can monitor and barge in as a supervisor. You can also look at the real-time agent availability status with the dashboard.


Real-time dashboard for phone teams

Call Metrics at your fingertips

It's not fun if you are managing a team but do not have the right data to analyze how your team is performing. That is why Freshdesk Contact Center provides you with every call center metric that you ever need with extensive call metrics data along with the option to export them all. Oh, and you also get the abandoned calls data and the reason for the abandonment with your Freshdesk Contact Center account.


Explore a powerful reporting module

Reporting modules make or break businesses and it's safe to say that you are in good hands. With Freshdesk Contact Center's reporting capabilities, you can analyze call and agent-related pre-built reports or build your own custom report anytime. You can schedule it to have it delivered to your inbox regularly. It's time to get your hands dirty with the all-new reporting module of Freshdesk Contact Center.

Reports for call centers and phone teams

F.A.Q on Freshdesk Contact Center's (formerly Freshcaller) Service Level Monitoring capability

What are the requirements for calls to be considered while calculating your service level?

  • Only incoming calls

  • Outside business hours are not taken into consideration including weekends, and declared holidays

How many service level rules can I set up in Freshdesk Contact Center?

You can set a global service level target for your entire phone team and also individual targets for every single team/queue.

When does the timer start when it comes to calculating service level breach?

  • The timer starts only after the call centers your wait queue

  • It does not consider time spent on listening to your welcome message or traversing through your IVR

  • If you have set up multiple escalation rules, timer only takes into consideration the first queue’s performance

Who would directly benefit from using Service Level Monitoring by Freshdesk Contact Center?

  • Call center supervisors

  • Customer support managers

  • Customer experience managers