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Inbound Caller ID

Call/Screen Pops to help you know the caller before you say ‘Hello’. Caller ID gives you the much-needed context to the call

inbound caller id

Customer Interaction History

Entire history of calls and notes made for a particular customer is available to you always. Utilize Freshdesk Contact Center’s Customer Interaction History to understand your customers better during or before calls.

customer interaction history

Call Conferencing

Hold conference calls with multiple stakeholders. Conference calls helps you improve collaboration between employees as well as resolution for customers.

call conferencing

Warm Transfer

The new agent or supervisor has context to the conversation with the customer during the call transfer. Warm transfer reduces time spent on asking customers to repeat their information and problems while improving interactions between them.

warm transfer in freshcaller

After Call Work

Your agents should have a minute or two to log call details and work on the follow-up items after each call. The Freshdesk Contact Center ‘After Call Work’ feature enables your team to stay on top of every customer conversation.

after call work

Additional features

Call forwarding

Forward your calls to your mobile while on the go. Your business travels with you.

Call Transfer to Teams

If you need to transfer, transfer calls to teams so that there is a higher possibility of a quick agent transfer.

Answer in Browser

Your calls always available on your PC’s, laptops through your web browser.

Call Notes

Salient conversational points typed down for future reference.

Desktop Notifications

Get notified even when your browser is minimized.

In-Call Actions

Mute, Hold, Search or Transfer during calls.

Contextual Response And Inplace Editing

View customer details & add notes even after the end of the call.