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What is After Call Work (ACW) in call centers?

After Call Work is defined as the process of wrapping up the current call before being available for the next call. It can include logging notes about the call, emailing prospects on key points discussed, and updating comments on the CRM. Most call center software have a time set aside for agents during which they can do ACW. 

After call work time

How does ACW feature improve agent performance?

Dedicated time for follow-up

Freshdesk Contact Center updates agent status to ‘ACW’ post every call. Rather than juggling calls continuously, your agents can proactively document the interaction, and follow up on any needs the customer may have had, ensuring a job well done. 

Increased productivity

With ACW time, your agents will not be disturbed by immediate incoming calls. They can tick-off action items immediately after the call. Saving them for later may cause them to miss out on a few action items, which can impact their productivity negatively. 

Improved feedback

With Freshdesk Contact Center, supervisors can monitor agent calls in real-time. After a call ends is the perfect time to give quick feedback, and having a dedicated ACW time can help with that. You can give them inputs on details relevant to the particular call, and help them tweak scripts based on customer feedback.

Time for a breather

As a manager, you want your customers to have a superior experience. Your agents can use the ACW time to take a quick breather before moving on to the next call. This will help in preventing burnout and also keep your agents motivated and energized. 

Leverage the Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) ACW time for agent productivity

Freshdesk Contact Center updates your agent status to ACW post every call (the default is 2 minutes) during which your agents can perform any required post-call actions. As a supervisor, you can

  • Gain insights into the average ACW time through the comprehensive call summary report

  • Understand the time spent on ACW by each agent through the agent performance report

  • Provide feedback to agents based on the above metrics to help them adhere to the stipulated ACW time

leverage ACW for agent productivity

Sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center to enable your agents to leverage this feature. Freshdesk Contact Center is a cloud-based phone system, so once you’ve signed up, you can add agents, buy or port in phone numbers, and start making calls in a breeze. Freshdesk Contact Center includes ACW time as part of the Average Handle Time calculation. Using the Advanced Call Metrics tab, you can evaluate the handle times of individual agents to improve customer experience.

Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) - the all-in-one pack for call centers

Call notes

Enable agents to take notes during calls which will help share context during call transfers. Agents can use this feature to take notes while in conversation so as to not miss out on any important details. It will help maintain context when interacting with the customer.

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Call transfer

Enable your agents to connect the right person to the right call. Your agents can easily transfer calls to another agent/expert to facilitate quick resolutions. While cold transfer allows agents to transfer calls immediately, warm transfer helps set the right context.

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Agent dashboard

Your team of agents can use this dashboard to view their call statistics for the day and month. They can get access to the overall number of calls attended/missed/abandoned. Having first-hand visibility into these metrics can help your team improve their overall performance. 

FAQs on After Call Work

What are the common after call tasks?

The most common after call tasks include:

  • Writing call notes

  • Adding relevant call tags

  • Logging call details in a CRM

  • Writing comments on customer sentiment

  • Sending a follow-up email to the customer

What is the importance of ACW?

After call work is included in the calculation of Average Handle Time (AHT), and AHT is an important metric to maintain when it comes to the overall operational efficiency of your call center. ACW also helps improve agent productivity, provide a better customer experience, and helps boost employee morale. 

How to reduce After Call Work in a call center?

There are two major ways to reduce ACW time in your call center:

  • Reduce the number of tasks - Invest in a good call center software solution that will help automate repetitive tasks, thus helping shave off minutes from ACW time. 

  • Boost agent efficiency - Create a clear step-by-step plan for ACW to improve performance and explore gamification options to reward wins.

How to calculate ACW in a call center?

The formula to calculate ACW is:

Average ACW = Total ACW time in one day/Total number of calls in that day

How does ACW impact the Average Handle Time (AHT)?

The formula to calculate AHT:

AHT = (Total talk time + ACW time) / Total number of calls

Thus, the higher the ACW time, the higher will be the average handle time. This will negatively impact the call resolution rate in your call center.