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What is After Call Work?

Freshcaller updates your agent status to After Call Work(ACW) post every call. Most call centers usually push their agents to answer back to back calls from customers without wasting time between calls. As a result, agents miss out on following up on items for the previous caller.

When an agent is busy with ACW, the agent availability status will go from ‘BUSY’ to ‘AFTER CALL WORK’. The agent can manually override this status change, should he/she feel that they have already completed tasks related to the previous call. This real-time agent status indicator helps call center admins or supervisors monitor the performance of the agents in their call center.


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How does ACW feature improve agent performance?

Following up on customer requests

Customers tend to have multiple requests or questions, sometimes all at the same time. With ACW, agents can proactively document and follow-up on the caller’s needs.

Increased productivity

Agents can tick off action items after the call and not leave it for later. It is never good for the agent productivity to carry forward work from previous calls.

Team Collaboration

Agents get to collaborate with other agents from multiple locations or teams to support the customer by sharing follow-up notes.

Supervisor feedback

After a call ends is perfect time for supervisors or administrators to have a quick word with agents. They can share feedback and help tweak their call scripts based on real-time customer feedback.

Taking a breather

All work and no rest makes Jack a dull agent. You definitely do not want tired and burnt out agents answering your calls when the customer expects a superior service.

The Freshcaller ACW Advantage

After Call Work (ACW) in Freshcaller gives agents a minute to add call notes, update ticket information, update your CRM tool, reach out to other teams to solve the customer’s issue or seek feedback and email the customer with information on the action items.

Freshcaller includes ACW time as a part of the Handle time calculation. Handle time is the time spent by an agent to handle a call. Using the Advanced Call Metrics feature, you can download and analyze handle times of individual agents and figure out who is resolving calls quicker than others.

Use the ACW feature in Freshcaller to help your call center agents deliver a superior customer experience.