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Benefits of using Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) agent extensions

Deliver lightning-fast support

Agents can create custom phone extensions and share it with your customers. When these customers call, your agents will have complete context and can solve issues faster.

Build a personalized sales experience 

Your prospects might already be in touch with a sales rep from your team. With phone extensions they can quickly reach the rep they interacted with earlier and pick up where they left off.

Reduce your call charges

With custom phone extensions, your customers don’t have to spend much time in the IVR system or explaining the context to a new agent. All this means reduced call times and lower call charges for you!

Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) phone extension capabilities


Custom Agent Extensions

Freshdesk Contact Center offers unlimited agent extensions and by default, your agents would be assigned a number. Your agents and reps can create custom 4-digit extension numbers. They can share these with their customers for easy access.

custom phone extensions


Custom call messages

It is important to inform your callers that they can dial an extension number to connect with an agent of their choice. For this purpose, Freshdesk Contact Center offers a default message, you may also choose to customize your messages and setup call greetings for various scenarios.

custom call messages



Visibility for Admins 

With Freshdesk Contact Center your admins have complete visibility into your phone team’s extensions. Admins can view the calling extension numbers of their team members and create agent extension flows. Not only that, admins can also configure fallback options in case a particular agent is unavailable or busy.

admin visibility in freshcaller

FAQs on phone extensions

What are phone extensions?

Just as your business has a business phone number, you can think of phone extensions as phone numbers for individual employees. Phone extension numbers are usually 3-4 digits and can be assigned to your employees. 

How many extensions do I get with Freshdesk Contact Center?

Each user can configure their own extension, if you have 10 users in your Freshdesk Contact Center account then you can set up 10 extensions.

How to setup agent extensions in Freshdesk Contact Center?

By default each agent will be assigned an extension and this extension number can be customized. As an admin you can configure extension flows and decide what happens in case an agent is unable to answer a call. Finally, this extension flow has to be linked to a phone number in Freshdesk Contact Center. Upon signing up, phone numbers can be bought or ported into Freshdesk Contact Center.

How do phone extensions work?

When a customer or prospect calls your business number, they would usually be routed to the right department through an IVR menu. However, if your caller is already in touch with someone from your company and they know the extension of an employee. The caller can dial that particular employee’s extension and reach them quicker thus bypassing the IVR menu.

How do extensions work for remote employees?

In Freshdesk Contact Center, it doesn’t matter if all your employees are in the same office or if they are working out of different locations. Once a customer dials a particular extension number belonging to an employee the call will be connected irrespective of where your employees might be located. 

Is a Virtual Phone Number and an Extension the Same?

An extension as the name suggests is an extension of a virtual phone number. A phone extension cannot be used without an associated virtual phone number — an extension that you configure is specific only to that particular phone number.