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Dealing with customer complaints or pitching to numerous prospects for several hours everyday is by no means easy and work in a call center can become monotonous. When things start to become dull, agent morale goes down, ultimately affecting the customer experience provided.  A little change is always good to break the monotony and boost agent morale and gamification is a proven method to boost agent productivity.

A good gamification implementation must meet the following requirements:

  • Motivation to perform a specific task (reward)
  • Incremental rewards for progress made towards the final goal
  • A sense of competition

Keeping these in mind, we have shortlisted six games that you can implement with ease in your call center to keep your agents motivated and improve their overall performance.

Ways to Gamify your Call Center

Games you can implement:

The magic lies in the implementation

It is easy to go wrong with gamification, especially if it is used as a scoreboard or measuring tool. The objective is to engage people and motivate them to work to their potential. At no point should hypercompetitiveness be encouraged as it can drain agents and cause burnout which is the exact opposite of what we want to achieve.

During implementation, care must be taken to ensure that not only is the end goal rewarded, but each intermediate stage is also rewarded. Otherwise, gamification might have the opposite effect — for instance, why would agents play a game in which they hardly win? It becomes imperative to reward the steps taken towards the end goal. For example, the end goal for sales is to close the sale, but if the employee never picks up the phone to dial the numbers, he would never be able to find a lead. In this scenario, the number of calls made by a sales rep must also be awarded since it is a step towards the final goal. You can provide smaller rewards for partial completion (50%, 60%, 80% etc.) of the goal too.

It must also be ensured that it’s not the top 3-5% who are always awarded. Other than standard performance indicators, positive behaviors like lesser absenteeism can also be rewarded. If implemented successfully, gamification can do wonders to your call center. Try some of the games and meet your goals — all while turning work into play.