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What is Call disposition?

Call disposition codes also known as Call tags are used to label the outcome of calls. Using call disposition codes, you can label both your inbound and outbound calls to keep your entire team on the same page. For instance, your sales reps can tag prospects as interested/not interested and your support agents can tag calls to indicate if the customer query was urgent/non-urgent. This information becomes available to your entire team and provides greater visibility into the type of conversations that are taking place in your call center. 

Key benefits of Freshcaller’s Call Tagging

Drill down and analyze your calls 

With Freshcaller’s call disposition feature, you can filter and export calls tagged with particular call disposition codes. For example, If you want to know how many of your callers were ‘not interested’, you can filter only those calls. Armed with this data, you can then make decisions to improve the outcome of your calls.  

Filter calls based on call disposition codes


Flexible call disposition codes

With Freshcaller, you have a list of default call tags to choose from. In addition to that you can create your own custom call tags to suit your business needs. Freshcaller also lets you attach multiple call tags to a single call to better describe call outcomes. 

Choose from default call disposition codes or create your own


Make call tagging a habit 

In Freshcaller, you have the option to enable mandatory call tagging for your entire team. This way you can ensure that each call is categorized and accounted for making it easy for you to analyze your calls. 

Make call tagging mandatory for your teams

How to use call disposition codes effectively

Here are a few examples of how call tags can be used by your organization

Reason for calling: As a business, you might get many calls on a daily basis for various reasons, it can be a good practice to label these calls so that you understand why your customers are calling you. For example, you can use tags such as ‘Product Inquiry’ or ‘Complaint’ to identify the reason for calling.

Type of lead: When contacting prospects, it’s a good idea to mark the type of lead as ‘interested’, ‘not interested’, or ‘bought another product', this gives you visibility into the type of leads that are being contacted by your team. If you notice that a lot of your leads are not interested in talking to your reps, it may mean that the quality of your leads are not good.

Type of contact: When contacting leads you may come across invalid numbers. If you tag these contacts as ‘invalid', using call disposition tags, your entire team will be informed and this would prevent other team members from reaching out to this contact in the future.

Type of customer: In customer service, it is important to identify whether a customer needs help urgently or is irritated. Using call disposition codes, you can label these conversations as urgent or important and prioritize these callers.

Improve agent productivity with contextual conversations:

Call Notes

In addition to call tagging, take detailed notes after each call. Call notes are made available to your entire team and you can even search call notes to quickly find a particular conversation. 

Explore Call Notes

Call Recording 

Use flexible call recording options for compliance purposes. Use call recording for monitoring and training purposes, find out what went right or wrong on calls.

Explore Call Recording 

After call work

Freshcaller automatically updates agent status to After call work after every call, enabling your agents to address action items at the end of each call, rather than putting them off for later. 

Explore After call work

FAQs on call disposition codes

Can I create my own call disposition codes?

Yes, with Freshcaller you can choose from our list of default call tags or even create your own call tags based on your business needs.

Can I make call tagging mandatory for my team?

Yes in Freshcaller, you can make call tagging compulsory for your agents and reps to ensure that each call that they handle is tagged.

Can I use multiple call tags to label a single call?

Yes, you can add more than one call tag to a call. You can attach a maximum of 5 call tags to a call.