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What is call lifecycle?

The call lifecycle feature captures every single step of an inbound or outbound call and lets you view the most granular call details in chronological order. It gives you answers to the simplest and the most crucial incidents you may want to know about a call. For example -  Who called? Which agent answered the call? Did the agent transfer the call? What’s the reason behind the additional call charges? And so on - All of this, with just a click!

Key benefits of call lifecycle

Get a detailed view into your customer’s call journey 

Freshdesk Contact Center’s call lifecycle feature can identify and capture close to 50 events related to incoming and outgoing calls, which gives you instant visibility into your customer’s entire call journey. Identify what led to your customer’s good or poor call experience by viewing the answer time, call handle time, total call duration, and call transfers made, etc. Combine this information with the Freshdesk Contact Center’s call recording and post-call transcription features to get complete visibility into your call center operations.







Optimize call flows using real-time call data

See how your call flows play out in real-time by looking at the call lifecycle. For example, if a customer was put on a wait queue, you can analyze how effective was the wait queue mechanism by checking when the caller entered the wait queue or what happened when the maximum wait queue time exceeded. You can use this comprehensive data to audit and improve your call flows and service level targets.








Monitor and improve agent productivity

Give your supervisors and admins the power to track and evaluate an agent’s performance quickly. It is now easy to identify who missed/ignored those critical calls or how long an agent took to resolve an issue. This serves as valuable information for training your agents and addressing performance gaps.








More tools for call monitoring and training:

Call Recording 

Use flexible call recording options for compliance purposes. Use call recording for monitoring and training purposes, find out what went right or wrong on calls. Additionally, you also have the option to get your customer's consent to opt-in for call recording by registering their choice via an IVR keypress.

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Live Dashboard

Get real-time insights on your call center health with live dashboard. It gives you live updates on your team's performance. You can check the number of callers waiting in the queue, audit ongoing calls, and track your agent's availability. Additionally, monitor your team's service level targets.

Explore Live Dashboard


Freshdesk Contact Center’s default reports give you insights into your agent productivity and call center health. The curated reports help you take quick remedial actions and improve customer satisfaction. Also, use the various ready-to-use phone metrics and filters to create custom reports that best suit your business.

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