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What are Call Notes? Why use it?

'Call Notes' is a modern telephony functionality that call center agents or phone teams can use to take notes during calls, within their call center software or cloud PBX. They can share these notes with their team or their supervisors to communicate the context of a conversation during call transfers, or while preparing for a follow-up.

Too many apps spoil the conversation 

Eliminate the need for a separate note-taking app or tool. With the Call Notes feature in Freshdesk Contact Center, you can securely capture and store contextual information inside your phone system when you’re on a call. 

Your team no longer has to switch tabs or shuffle their sticky notes to make sense of a conversation. Log the context of a phone call instantly, do away with information silos, and improve the quality of your conversations.

Call Notes - Take notes during calls


No caller or customer wants to repeat themselves

When you transfer a call to another agent or a supervisor, you always run the risk of them not comprehending the caller’s situation in its entirety. 

You can solve this by simply transferring your precise call notes along with the call. Your teammate or supervisor does not have to take a shot in the dark and your callers do not have to repeat their problems, all over again.

Transfer Call Notes


Information should always be at your fingertips

Call notes are a great way to understand the history of interactions with a caller or customer. You should be able to access them at any point without having to stretch your brain.

Use the intuitive ‘Search Notes’ functionality of Freshdesk Contact Center to locate the call notes you need to find. Access them along with a complete call summary that includes call recordings and transcriptions to analyze your conversations.


View Call Notes

The key capabilities of Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) Call Notes 

With Call Notes in Freshdesk Contact Center, you can:

  • Create call notes to capture context and information during calls.
  • Transfer the context of a conversation to your teammates by attaching your call notes to your call transfers.
  • Search your call logs and revisit conversations along with call summaries. 
  • Export your call notes and call metrics to analyze your calls, the quality of your conversations, spends, and more.
Call Notes - Key Capabilities

How Call Notes can improve customer satisfaction and agent productivity

Remember what matters

Call Notes help you empathize better with your callers. You not only eliminate the need for customers to repeat themselves but also create the opportunity to have tailored conversations using your notes from previous calls. Impress them by retrieving the right information at the right time, and remembering the details that matter. 

Set your team up for success

During a call transfer, if the context of the call is not transferred in parallel, it is not just the customer or caller who suffers. Your customer support agent or sales rep will have to bear the brunt of their frustration too. With transferable Call Notes, you are enabling them to stay on top of their conversations and helping them be more productive, instead of firefighting.

FAQs on Call Notes

What is a call note?

A call note is a record of the key points from a phone call handled by a customer support agent or a sales rep.

What is the best way to take notes during a phone call?

You can use stationery, note-taking apps, or phone systems with inbuilt note-taking capabilities. The most efficient way to take call notes would be to capture them inside your phone system, since this eliminates information silos and also keeps your notes handy and secure.

How long are Call Notes stored in Freshdesk Contact Center?

In Freshdesk Contact Center, Call Notes are stored forever or until you choose to delete your data.

What languages are supported for taking Call Notes in Freshdesk Contact Center?

Currently, we support taking call notes in English.