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How call transfer can help your business elevate customer service

Put experts on the call

No one can help everyone. Sometimes you have to put someone on the call who knows better than everyone else. Call transferring lets agents quickly easily transfer live calls to another agent or an expert who has the technical expertise or working experience to resolve a complex query that your caller is interested in knowing. This helps deliver faster resolutions to the customer without making them go around in circles or hold the line for too long. 

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Provide personalized customer support

There is always that one customer who wants to talk to a specific agent. Or, vice-versa, an agent who knows to better handle a customer in the right way. Irrespective of the scenario, with warm call transfers, your call center can provide personalized customer support that will delight your callers. It helps deliver contextual customer support that makes your customer feel valued and special amidst thousands of other customers.

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The different types of call transfer in Freshdesk Contact Center

Cold transfer

In cold transfer, you will be transferring a call to another agent or team without giving them prior notification. Cold transfer is also known as blind transfer. A cold transfer comes in handy when you are transferring the call to an agent who is dedicated to a specific type of call query and is prepared to handle them even if they are not provided information or context. For example, calls reaching a bank’s call center transferred to the credit card section.

Warm transfer

When you perform a warm transfer, you can talk to another agent or even exchange call notes before transferring the call. This enables the agent receiving the transferred call to deliver personalized and contextually relevant customer service. Warm transfers spare your callers from having to repeat themselves to get a resolution. Be it for customer service or for sales, warm call transfer would help you achieve improved customer satisfaction and employee productivity. 

How to set up call transfer

Once you sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center, you can buy numbers from over 90 countries or port in your existing business phone number. Your next step would be to add teammates. When a call has to be transferred, you can choose from the available agents or teams and then decide to forward the call as a cold or warm transfer. Since Freshdesk Contact Center is designed as an easy-to-use phone system, you don’t need any prior training or technical expertise to transfer calls.

call conferencing - Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

Why your team needs a phone system with Call Transfer

Contextual call

With warm call transfers, your agents can provide contextual information to the next agent or expert to whom the call is being transferred. No more blind call transfers. 


Augmented agent collaboration

Call transfer brings together the experience and expertise of multiple agents to solve a single caller’s query. Talk about providing seamless customer services.


Enhanced call

Transfer your live calls based on working hours or other conditions to a virtual agent or a virtual team. Call transfers complement your call routing strategies. 

FAQs on Call Transfer


What is call transfer?

Call transfer can be broadly described as a telephony feature that enables a user, usually a call center agent, to transfer a live call to another agent or a team. The call transfer could be a cold or warm transfer. 


Cold transfer: a call transfer that is unannounced to the transferee. 

Warm transfer: A call transfer that is informed, or transferred after providing enough context about the call. More about warm transfer

In what scenarios does a call transfer prove to be beneficial?

Call transfer can prove to be beneficial when the agent who is handling the call needs intervention from another agent or an expert who is better equipped to handle the call. For example, a customer care agent of a computer hardware company transferring the customer call to the network administrator for rendering expert guidance on specs. 

How will call transfers help my business?

Call transfer can help any business that wants to provide superior customer service to its customers. It supports the concept of putting the right agent for the right call or customers whose queries may not be completely resolved by the agent who is initially assigned to the call. 

Some other scenarios when call transfer can prove to be beneficial include:

  • Having a receptionist filter all incoming calls

  • Switching devices mid-call for better collaboration

  • Transferring the call to a technical expert

What to say before transferring a call?

There are two parties who should be informed of the call transfer before the call is transferred. First, the caller. The agent should ideally inform the caller that they will be transferred to another agent during the process of which they might be put on hold. Anything in the lines of “Please be on the line while we transfer you…” should suffice.

Two, the agent to whom the call is being transferred. The transferor agent should inform the transferred agent why the call is being transferred and the context of the call. In telephony parlance, this is referred to as a warm transfer. A warm transfer enables a transferred agent to be better equipped to handle the caller’s query without making them repeat the information.