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What is Click to Call?

Click to Call is a feature of phone systems that allows users to click a button to dial a number. It is also known as Click to Dial or Click and Call. With the Freshcaller Click-to-Call Chrome extension, your outbound calling team can simply click to dial numbers found on web pages, emails, CRM, and contact lists with just the click of a button.

Benefits of Click-to-Call for businesses

Just click to call

Enable your agents to save time by eliminating the need to dial each number manually. No more going back to copy and paste phone numbers. With Freshcaller Click-to-Call extension, agents can make outbound calls with the click of a button.

Eliminate dialing errors

Eliminate the possibility of dialing errors with the Click-to-Call dialer. Agents can simply click on the call icon displayed next to the number to start interacting with the customer.

Accelerate workflows

Calls made through the browser extension are logged automatically in call history, and tickets are created wherever necessary. This makes the workflow seamless, and your agents don’t have to log call details manually. 

Communication made easy with Freshcaller’s Click-to-Call


Phone number detection

Freshcaller Click-to-Call Chrome extension automatically identifies phone numbers on any website you’re on and highlights them for easy detection. Agents can simply click on the Freshcaller logo next to the number to quickly place an outbound call. 

Freshcaller click to call, automatic phone number detection


Website exclusion

Agents can choose to disable the Click-to-Call functionality on particular pages. They can add internal websites and pages to the disable list. This will prevent the phone numbers from being highlighted on those pages.

exclude websites from click to call


Automatic call logging

Freshcaller automatically logs all the calls made through the Click-to-Call extension. The call details are available in the Call Metrics tab for supervisors and agents to access when required.

Auto call logging when you click to call

How to set up Freshcaller Click-to-Call extension

Sign up for Freshcaller to enable your agents to start making calls with a single click. Freshcaller Click-to-Call is available as a Chrome extension, so you can simply add it to your browser to start making calls.

Freshcaller is a cloud-based phone system, so once you’ve signed up, you can add agents, buy or port in phone numbers, and start making calls in a breeze, no matter which website you’re on.

Setup Freshcaller Click to Call extension

What Freshcaller has to offer

CRM integration

Freshcaller integrates seamlessly with the leading CRMs in the market. Get more context on the problem with the help of the contact information from the CRM. Use this data to make conversations more personal.

IT Helpdesk integration

Freshcaller integrates with Freshservice, the IT helpdesk software, to streamline all employee requirements and problems. IT service agents can directly click to dial phone numbers mentioned in the service requests to help resolve issues faster.

Support Helpdesk integration

Freshcaller integrates with Freshdesk to streamline all customer conversations in one place. With the phone system-helpdesk integration, agents can directly click to dial the phone numbers available in the support tickets to interact with customers.

FAQs on setting up Click-to-Call

How does Click-to-Call typically work?

Click-to-Call works using a business phone system to initiate a call when the user clicks on the call button. When the agent clicks on a number on a website, the Freshcaller widget pops up with its number. The call is initiated by simply clicking on the call icon in the widget.

Are there any charges involved in setting up this extension?

There are no charges involved with setting up Click-to-Call in Freshcaller. Call and number charges will be applicable as per usage. Refer to our call rates page for more details on the same.

Which businesses can use this feature?

Any business that has a phone system can use this feature. The Click-to-Call extension is best suited for an outbound process. Outbound sales agents with stringent targets to achieve will benefit the most from this feature.