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The entire customer interaction history

When your call center software offers you no context, you can’t figure out why a caller might be calling, when they last called, whom they spoke to, how the conversation went and so on. Without context, your agents have no choice but to venture blind and unprepared into a call, hoping for the best; hardly the most ideal of situations for your call center agents. Customers do not like explaining their issues again and again and expect a superior level of service from your business phone team. Needless to say, agents unprepared for the call with zero context will destroy your customer relationship.

With your Freshdesk Contact Center powered call center, every time a call comes through, your agents have access to the caller’s entire interaction history. That’s everything from where they work and what their position is, to their first interaction with you and the conversation notes agents took on previous calls with them --- basically, all the information you’d need to have a solution to the caller’s problem. Your call center agents appear professional to your callers because they know all the previous issues/queries that the customer had led to a better conversation. Issues get resolved quicker and trust in your brand and your phone team increases every day. Remember that having contextual conversations with your callers is one of the best ways to boost confidence and user trust in your brand.


Customer interaction history