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Inbound caller ID in Freshcaller

Imagine this, greeting a caller by name even as the call connects. Zeroing in on the issue even as the phone rings. Answering their question even before they have the chance to phrase it. Your agents using Freshcaller will receive notifications about your incoming calls on the top-right corner of your browser screen. You can choose to answer or ignore the inbound call. Your Freshcaller powered call center will be able to display the caller name, the company/organization that they belong to and their phone number as soon as the call comes in. The call notification will ring your agents for a minimum of thirty seconds giving them ample opportunity to figure out more about the customer. A thing of beauty and a joy forever, Inbound Caller ID makes sure every conversation is the right kind of conversation: the contextual kind. More contextual information is presented to the agent who answers the call in form of all the recent conversations and call notes attached to that particular caller. Your call center agents are aided in every aspect towards understanding and resolving customer queries. Enjoy the benefits of a powerful call center solution and manage a successful business phone team.


inbound caller Id
Contextual conversations with your callers

The name of your contact, their email address, the company they work at and all of their interaction history is available for access even as the phone rings. With all of this information at your fingertips, your agents will be able to assist your callers better.

Customize call handling and take service to the next level

With Freshcaller’s real-time dashboards, you don’t just know which caller is in conversation with which agent, but you can also assign callers to agents based on wait time and availability. See a high roller in the queue? You can roll out the red carpet by bumping them up the line and assigning them to an agent ASAP.

Personalize your communication by staying local

Your callers might prefer a global brand while making a purchase. However, when they need support, they want their brands to feel accessible. Make them feel connected locally while maintaining your global customer support team through Freshcaller. With just a click, you can buy phone numbers from over 40 countries across the globe and use them to mask your global number.