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What is caller ID and how does it work?

Caller ID displays the name and number of an incoming/outgoing call. Inbound caller ID uses online databases to retrieve caller information and display it on your screen. Phone carriers use Calling NAMes (CNAMs) to identify and display the names of inbound callers. With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can choose and buy easy-to-remember phone numbers that will help your customers identify you easily.

Why use Caller ID for your business


Know your customers before you pick up their call

Instantly identify callers on incoming calls, and help agents view caller-related information even before they pick up the call. Agents can view the customer's name, email address, the company they work at, and their complete interaction history, no matter which device they’re on (laptop/tablet/phone). With Freshdesk Contact Center inbound caller ID, help your agents gather the important context of your customers’ problems so that agents can jump right into solving their problems.






Improve brand recognition with outgoing Caller ID

With Freshdesk Contact Center outbound caller ID, no matter which number your agents are calling from, your customers will always see your business phone number. Make your business easily identified when you call your customers. It will make them more likely to pick your calls as they’ll know that it’s from a reliable business. You can also improve brand recognition by using vanity numbers as your outbound caller ID.






Provide a personalized customer experience

Even the little things matter when it comes to providing amazing customer service. With prior information about your callers, agents can surprise them with a personalized greeting, go through call notes and pick up right where they left off without feeling lost. Enable your agents with Freshdesk Contact Center inbound and outbound caller ID so that they can create happy customers!


Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) - Everything that you need for valuable conversations

Customer interaction history

Enable your agents to have contextual conversations by providing them access to the entire customer interaction history. This includes information like where your customers work, their first interaction with you, call notes, and more. 
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Vanity numbers

Purchase a unique and easy-to-remember business phone number that will help callers identify you easily and improve your brand recall. Reinforce your brand in every interaction by purchasing vanity phone numbers that correspond to your brand name.  

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Call masking

Mask all your business phone numbers with a single number as an outbound caller ID so that customers can identify you when you call them. Call customers from anywhere, but have one trusted number that you can display to your customers. 
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Call notes

Enable your agents to take notes during a call to have contextual conversations. With caller ID, these notes can be accessed when the customer calls again. This will help your agents get context even before they pick up the call and provide a personalized customer experience. 
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Call transfer

Transfer calls to fellow agents, an expert, or a team to facilitate quick resolutions. Provide a personalized experience with warm transfer with which you can provide contextual information to the next agent. Eliminate the need to put callers on hold with this feature.
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Live dashboard

Track key metrics through the Live Dashboard to get deeper visibility into your call center activities. The Freshdesk Contact Center real-time dashboard gives you a 360 view of call metrics using which you can track agent performance and customer satisfaction of your call center.

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