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What is Power Dialer?

Power Dialer is an automatic outbound dialer that allows you to call a list of customer phone numbers one after another. By auto-dialing the numbers, Power Dialer significantly reduces your agent’s idle time and manual effort and massively improves their productivity. It’s an ideal solution to find more leads and convert them to potential sales opportunities and prospects.

How does Power Dialer enhance your customer outreach and agent productivity?


Enhance agent performance by 5x 

Power Dialer’s auto-dialing feature not only reduces your agent’s manual effort but also improves their efficiency by allowing them to make more outbound connections every day. It is a perfect tool for your sales reps as it improves their connect rates without losing their valuable time in copy-pasting phone numbers. As a result, your agents can:

  • Convert more leads
  • Deliver better customer experiences

  • Target meaningful campaigns





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Leverage the best of Power Dialer and third-party apps

Couple Power Dialer with Freshdesk Contact Center’s third-party app integrations to boost your sales efficiency multifold. For instance, you can use Power Dialer to easily reach out to your Salesforce contacts by manually adding them to Power Dialer. Building a solid dialing list increases the chances of generating higher revenues. What more?

  • Get instant access to customer details directly from the integrated apps

  • Ease yourself from operating multiple tabs/screens

  • Gain complete control over agent operations.




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Easily manage your outbound contacts 

With Freshdesk Contact Center’s Power Dialer, you can set up your outbound calling list in multiple ways. Just add the phone numbers from your saved contacts or import a fresh list every day. This easy to deploy setup reduces your manual effort and helps you successfully implement many real-time sales and support use cases:

  • Run product promotions and campaigns in minutes

  • Inform customers about upcoming maintenance activities

  • Promptly return missed calls from customers


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How to set up the Power Dialer?

You can set up and configure Power Dialer in a snap! You can see Power Dialer in action as it sequentially auto-dials the phone numbers from the list. Also, pause and resume dialing anytime you want.

All you have to do is:

  • Add phone numbers.
  • Start power dialing.

Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) features that complement outbound marketing

Call Recording 

Use flexible call recording options for compliance purposes. Use call recording for monitoring and training purposes, find out what went right or wrong on calls.

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Click to Call Chrome

Save time copying and pasting numbers with our Click to call browser extension; simply click a number to place a call.

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Call Notes

Enable agents to take notes during calls so as to not miss out on any important details. It will help maintain context when interacting with the customer.

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Call Tags

Use call tags to categorize and label your calls. Choose from default tags or create your own. You can also make tagging mandatory for your team.

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Caller ID

Increase your brand recognition with inbound and outbound caller IDs. Instantly identify callers and help agents view caller-related information even before they pick up the call.

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Voicemail drop

Automate the time-consuming activity of leaving voicemail messages when making outbound calls.

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FAQs on Power Dialer

How does Power Dialer work?

Power Dialer works by sequentially dialing the phone numbers from the list you add. You can add the numbers from the saved contacts in your account or create a list from scratch.
Once you complete a call, you can immediately dial the next number in the queue.

What is the cost of Power Dialer?

The Power Dialer feature is included as part of the Pro plan in Freshdesk Contact Center. However, outgoing calls are charged as per the standard pricing mentioned here.

How many numbers can I dial using the Power Dialer?

Freshdesk Contact Center allows you to add any number of contacts to the Power Dialer.