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Why use three-way calling for your business

Put your customer at the center of your service

Pull in the right experts from your business to help with customer queries. Your customers don’t need to make several calls or repeat themselves to different agents. With three-way calling, you have a smooth way to start a conference call. Exhibit a truly customer-centric approach in your support.






Put your customer at the center of your service


Enable a virtual call center

When working remotely, your agents don’t have the option to tap a friendly shoulder to ask a quick question. But they can rely on a seamless three-way calling to connect with an available agent, no matter where they are. With three-way calling, your remote team can still collaborate as a team to provide effortless support to your customers.

Enable a virtual call center with three way calling


Collaborate on deals as a team

Keep your deals on track by answering your prospect’s questions right away. Add your team-members or manager to your call with a single click, and address any questions or concerns that your prospect might have. Three-way calling helps you keep up the momentum in your sales conversations.

Collaborate on deals as a team with three way calling
how to set up call blocking

Faster resolutions, and better solutions with Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Business hours routing 

Set up office-like business hours for your team so you remain accessible to your customers. Even when your team is working remotely, you can manage call volumes easily. Use our advanced routing options for calls arriving outside of business hours.
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Call Recording

Freshdesk Contact Center has a variety of call recording options that comply with several regulations. Listen to call recordings to clarify questions or settle disputes. You can start/pause call recording, opt-in for call recording, or even disable call recording.

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Deflect frequently asked questions with Freshdesk Contact Center’s AI-powered voice bot. Callers can interact with the voicebot to save time from waiting in call queues. Voicebot helps you reduce the load on your agents and lets them focus on more complex tasks.

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SIP connections

If you want to continue using your landlines, you can do that with Freshdesk Contact Center’s SIP connectivity feature. Agents can attend incoming calls on your existing IP-enabled landlines while using the Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard for transfers, notes, and other in-call functions.

Multi-level IVRs

Make sure the callers are connecting to the most relevant teams and people. Multilevel IVRs help you route callers to the right agents and teams with a single keypress action. Include self-service options in the menu to help callers get answers right away.

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More visibility

Always have a pulse on your agents’ performance. Monitor incoming call volume to different numbers and groups, and view several agent performance metrics. Decide SLAs and monitor those across your call center so you are always in the know about your customer satisfaction.