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Benefits of using an automated routing system

Perform data dips

Don’t keep your data in silos.  Connect your phone system with your helpdesk or CRM. Leverage the data present to create custom routing rules.

Improve customer satisfaction

Prevent your most important customers from waiting or traversing the IVR menu. Route callers quickly to the right agents and improve customer satisfaction. 

Personalize customer experience

Utilize the power of data to deliver personalized experiences. For example, you can connect English speaking customers to English speaking agents directly. 

What can you do with Freshdesk Contact Center’s routing automation?

Create custom call flows to automate your routing process 

Using powerful custom apps within your Freshdesk Contact Center account, you can route callers based on inputs from external systems such as your CRM or Helpdesk. For example, you can automate a call flow to identify your VIP customers with their phone numbers and quickly route them to the most relevant team or agent.









custom call flows custom call flows


Receive inputs through IVR

Custom apps within your Freshdesk Contact Center account can be configured to validate responses from customers using IVR. For example, callers can enter their registered mobile number and this can be checked against your existing database to decide if they are a new caller or an existing customer and they can be routed accordingly.





inputs through ivr in automated call routing inputs through ivr in automated call routing


Provide dynamic responses to customer queries 

Dynamic messages can be used with routing automation in Freshdesk Contact Center to fetch data from your third-party systems. Based on your custom app configurations, you can let customers know their order status or account balance without the need to talk to an agent.

dynamic responses to customer queries dynamic responses to customer queries

How to set up routing automation in Freshdesk Contact Center

Once you sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center, you can buy numbers from 90+ countries. The next step is to set up call routing for your phone numbers, this can be done using call flows within the Freshdesk Contact Center. Routing automation is also a type of call flow that you can associate with your phone numbers. To create a routing automation call flow, you will be required to first set up your custom app with the required specifications. Using the custom app you can then start automating your routing process. 

setting up automated call routing setting up automated call routing

Powerful features to elevate your call routing experience


Deflect frequently asked questions with our AI-powered Voicebot, that can provide instant answers round the clock. 

Explore Voicebot

Agent Extensions

Phone extensions help your customers skip navigating an IVR menu and reach their preferred employee or support agent, directly.

Explore Agent Extensions


Segment calls with our multi-level IVR system. Utilize our IVR capabilities to set up a fully flexible PBX system to easily route calls to your agents or teams. 

Explore IVR

FAQs on Automated Routing


How does routing automation work in Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)?

Routing Automation is an automated call flow that works with serverless custom apps configured in your account. In order to set up routing automation, you would need to first configure a custom app and then create a call flow.

What is a custom app?

As the name suggests, these are highly customizable apps built to address specific requirements of your organization and installed only on your account. These apps can be used to automate workflows inside your Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) account.

How does routing automation work with custom apps?

You can think of a custom app as a messenger between Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) and your third party system. Once you receive an incoming call, the Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) routing engine sends the caller's input (received via IVR) to the custom app, the app verifies the caller’s input against the data present in the third-party system and sends the response back to Frescaller. Based on this response, relevant actions can be configured in the call flow.

How to configure a custom app?

Once you sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller), you can start building your own custom apps, all the information regarding building custom apps can be found here. If you have any further queries or require help configuring custom apps, you can reach out to