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Create custom business hours for your teams

Different teams work differently. Finance likes to wind up by six, while Support works round the clock, and Marketing likes to party all night. However, your call center management software only works one way: round the clock. This means, regardless of what working hours your team keeps, they have to make sure that someone has an eye on the line to make sure all calls are answered. It’s your business, but you can’t decide when the phone goes off the hook because there’s no way for you to let your customers know when you’re not around or a way for them to leave a message.

With Freshcaller, you can set business hours for each of your phone numbers so that every department can decide for themselves what their phone schedule will look like. Sales wants to do just afternoon shifts? No problem! You can configure Freshcaller to automatically (and politely) turn away customers and record their messages as voicemail for your team to work on when they clock in the next day.