All Features Call Center Setup Business Hours (& After Work Hours)

Benefits of configuring  business hours in your phone system

Analyze performance, route calls to various teams based on business hours logic


Route based on work timings

Your phone conversations can be routed to the right teams based on their work timings. You can choose the right timezone of the team (anywhere in the world) and assign a business hours based routing logic for that team. Needless to say, break timings can also be incorporated thereby giving you the most accurate picture of your phone operations.


time based routing


Analyze calls based on business hours

Filter out calls during and outside your business hours timings and understand if you need to change your routing plans based on your call volumes. Identify patterns using Freshdesk Contact Center's reporting module and build routing plans accordingly. Time based automatic routing help you scale your phone operations globally as well as manage teams across multiple timezones.

phone system business hours

Phone system with intelligent business hours capabilities

Custom working hours

Create different working (business) hours for every number you own in your Freshdesk Contact Center dashboard. You can have one timezone rule per phone number.

Split business hours

Add your designated breaks into your phone system's routing logic to ensure your teams are not interrupted / penalized for break-time calls.

After business hours

Create different routing rules for calls outside working hours as well as analyze the call data to make better plans for such calls.

Why create custom business hours for your teams?

Different teams work differently. Finance likes to wind up by six, while Support works round the clock, and Marketing likes to party all night. However, your call center management software only works one way: round the clock. This means, regardless of what working hours your team keeps, they have to make sure that someone has an eye on the line to make sure all calls are answered.

With Freshdesk Contact Center's business hours configurations, you can ensure that your calls go to the right teams during work times, during work-breaks, and post working hours automatically. Head to the Call Metrics page to filter out all the calls post working hours and figure out whether your current routing plans are adequate to handle them all. Download the Call Volume report to get an idea of your call trends and sit with your team administrators and supervisors to re-work your battle plans.

custom business hours

Routing capabilities in your Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) phone system



Auto-FAQ your way to customer service success with our IVR

Freshdesk Contact Center's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is simple and easy to configure. You can create multiple menu levels and assign the corresponding routing logic to each keypress action. Build IVR menus to also respond to FAQ so that your teams spend more time on complex problems that deserve their personal attention.



multi level IVR system for phone calls



Special routing plans - even on holidays using Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

The Holiday calendar and routing capability of Freshdesk Contact Center allow you to add team-specific holiday lists and create special route plans for these occasions. Customers need care irrespective of our holiday plans and Freshdesk Contact Center helps you direct these calls to a different team or a custom voicemail specifically prepared for the holiday season.

Plan your holidays



The all-weather all-scenarios routing engine - Smart Escalations

Anytime your team is unable to answer phone calls - Freshdesk Contact Center steps in to help you route these calls to different phone teams or call centers besides helping you direct them to custom voicemails. You can handle all call scenarios in the IVR, wait queues, as well as when your teams are offline during working hours. Together it is a comprehensive routing engine for handling incoming calls for all scenarios.

smart esclations

Frequent business hours routing queries

Can each phone number in Freshdesk Contact Center have a different business hour setting?

With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can set business hours for each of your phone numbers so that every department can decide for themselves what their phone schedule will look like. Sales wants to do just afternoon shifts? No problem! You can configure Freshdesk Contact Center to automatically (and politely) turn away customers and record their messages as voicemail for your team to work on when they clock in the next day.

How to route calls after working hours?

Freshdesk Contact Center lets you define rules for your call center based on your working hours. You can have a particular routing during your work hours and send callers to your voicemail post work. However, the truly global teams will take advantage of Freshdesk Contact Center routing provision and transfer calls to other teams based out of different countries. Freshdesk Contact Center helps you build and run a truly global business call center.