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Benefits of using Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)’s call queue management 

Reduce missed calls

Without a call queue in place, you may miss out on many important calls. Manage your incoming calls effectively and never miss out on a call ever again!

Decrease call abandonment

As a business, you don’t want too many frustrated customers hanging up because your wait queue is long. Reduce your call abandonment rates using Freshdesk Contact Center's queue callback feature.

Distribute call load equally

Call queues help your team stay organized and ensure that calls are distributed equally. A balanced call load will increase agent satisfaction and reduce burnout. Happy agents = Happy customers!

Explore Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)’s call queue management system


Create queue-based routing rules

With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can create specialized queues for each of your teams. Queues work together with your IVR menu to ensure callers are sent to the right team within your organization. You can also create fallback options for each and every scenario and send customers seamlessly from one call queue to another.

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Offer call-backs to your callers

The number one frustration for many customers with phone support is waiting in the call. With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can be the business that lets your customers skip the call queue and opt for a callback.

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Create custom messages  

Utilize Freshdesk Contact Center’s custom messages to improve your caller’s experience while in the queue. You can also announce any updates or offers that you may be running to make the waiting time worthwhile for your callers.

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How to set up a call queue in Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Once you sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center, you have the choice of buying numbers from 90+ countries. Once you have a number and have added your team members, you can start configuring your call queues. You can assign your call queue to a particular team or even an individual agent, finally, you would have to associate your call queue with a phone number. You can create multiple queues and assign them to different teams and phone numbers.

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There's more to our call queue management

Queue-based service levels

Set and measure the service level for each of your queues with our live service level monitoring capabilities.

Queue metrics

Get insight into your queue data, monitor your incoming calls, and average handle time or each call queue.

Wait queue

Place your callers in a wait queue and even send your callers to voicemail or a different queue if their wait time exceeds a certain duration.

FAQs on Call Queues

What is a call queue?

Call Queue is a line where callers are sent to before the caller is connected with an employee of the company. Call queues are useful because employees would not be able to answer all calls that come in immediately also each caller might have a different need for calling a business. To solve these problems there needs to be a mechanism in place to receive these calls in different ‘queues’.

How do call queues work in Freschaller?

Multiple call queues can be created in Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) for each team in the organization. Once an IVR menu is configured, based on the user input callers are placed in different call queues. Each call queue is then attached to a phone number, upon signing up for Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller), you can buy or even port in your existing number and start configuring your call queues.

What is a wait queue?

Wait Queue is a queue that exists within call queues. When all agents are busy talking to customers, callers are placed in a wait queue, and based on their position in the wait queue they are connected with a live agent.

What is the difference between a wait queue and a call queue?

At first glance, call queues and wait queues might seem similar. However, wait queues are configured within call queues. Call queue is the very mechanism that is used to receive calls and actions such as routing and fall back options can be configured within a call queue. A wait queue resides within each call queue to place callers on hold in case all agents are busy talking to other callers.