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Holiday routing for all teams


Deals During Holidays

You do not want holidays to interrupt your deals. Prospects are not looking for excuses and love the professional care you display with your holiday planning. With Freshdesk Contact Center’s Holiday Routing, you can get notified of important calls even during holidays. In fact, you can choose to direct your callers to a number within your reach. Remember to always be closing your deals.

close deals during holidays



Pillar of Support

Most businesses will have customers who use their product/service even on defined holidays. Create a separate call flow to handle holidays so that priority requests get routed to available agents immediately while low priority ones get registered in the system to be looked into later. Remember to always provide help to those who seek it.

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Responsive Internal Teams

Holidays remain a favorite time for teams to work on maintenance and upgrades to existing systems. Sometimes these activities lead to downtime for all system users be it, customers or internal employees. Downtimes (planned & not) are never desirable for teams with a lot at stake.
Instead, you can be smart and use Freshdesk Contact Center to plan your holiday routing in advance with enough call failover mechanisms. Remember to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

responsive internal teams with holiday routing



Hiring Never Stops

Holidays in one city or country should never stop truly global organizations from not being able to conduct conversations or interviews with interested candidates. Ensure that there is always someone to talk to interested candidates who are ringing you up to talk about the prospect of joining your world-class organization. Remember to make an offer they can’t refuse.

hiring during holidays

Holiday routing capabilities for your phone teams

Holiday Calendar

Add a different set of holidays for every phone number.

Custom greetings

Announce your holidays to set customer expectations on your service during holidays.

Holiday IVR

Build a more cheerful and informative IVR to direct callers to the right experts.

Special voicemail

Ask your callers to leave you a voicemail in case you do not have the luxury of a back-up phone team.

Happy phone rules

Configure your Freshdesk Contact Center account to incorporate your festive season cheer.

Back-up phone team

Route calls to a different phone team in the same country or across the globe to handle the holiday rush.


Is planning for holidays profitable for businesses?

Holidays and festive times are great for businesses. In fact, during the November-December months, customers spend about $690 billion according to the report by the National Retail Federation of the United States. Planned holidays throughout the year and the festive season represent opportunities to impress your customers and prospects. It’s never too late to start planning for your holiday routing.

Holiday routing profitable for businesses

F.A.Q on Freshdesk Contact Center's Holiday Routing capability

How does the Holiday Calendar work in Freshdesk Contact Center?

In Freshdesk Contact Center, holidays can be added to Business Hours setting. Any number of holidays can be added by the phone administrator to a specific team’s Business Hour details. Once you have added holidays to your account, you can decide how to route phone calls during your holidays with our Holiday Routing feature.

How many Holiday Calendars can I add in a Freshdesk Contact Center account?

Since holidays are a part of Business Hour settings, you can technically add one set of holidays for every phone number that you own. If you have teams across countries/continents, you can effectively create and maintain a different set of holiday routing plans for each team.