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What is shared call appearance and what is its use?

Shared call appearance is a feature of modern phone systems that allows users to assign a single phone number to multiple devices/lines. With multiple lines in one number, your callers can simply dial your central line and whoever is available will be able to attend the call and address the issue.

Work from anywhere, anytime

Enable your agents to make and receive calls on multiple devices with a single phone number. All that is required is an internet connection and a device that can connect to the internet. With Freshdesk Contact Center, your agents are no longer tied to one location, and they can answer calls with any device. 

Say no to missed calls

With Freshdesk Contact Center, your agents can make use of a single number to make and receive calls simultaneously. This makes call handling easier - any available agent can pick up an incoming call. There’s no need to wait for an agent to finish an ongoing call to answer another call.  

Improve collaboration within teams

Increase call visibility across your team with Freshdesk Contact Center’s line sharing option. Enable your agents to collaborate effectively by sharing a single number across the team. This way, they can provide enhanced service and streamline operations within the team. 

How does shared call appearance work?

When a call comes in on a shared phone line number, all the devices connected to that number start ringing. Any agent who’s free/available can pick the call. An agent can also answer calls on other extensions, or put calls on hold and another agent can pick it up on another device connected to that number.  

Sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center to improve collaboration with shared line appearance. Freshdesk Contact Center is a cloud-based phone system, so once you’ve signed up, you can add agents, buy or port in phone numbers, and start making calls in a breeze.

How to setup shared call appearance with Freshdesk Contact Center How to setup shared call appearance with Freshdesk Contact Center

 Scale up your call center with Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

Route calls based on teams

Route calls to the relevant teams by setting up customized call queues. Enable your agents to provide better customer service with the help of wait queues and queue callback options.

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Segment calls with IVR

Set up a multi-level or speech-enabled interactive voice response to route callers to the right queue. Ensure that callers are routed to the right agents and their queries resolved in the least possible time. 

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Go mobile with mobile app

Make and take calls on Freshdesk Contact Center while on-the-go. The Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app helps your agents attend calls from anywhere, they don’t have to be tied down by laptops/desktops/phones anymore. 

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FAQs on sharing a phone number in Freshdesk Contact Center 

How much does it cost to set up shared call appearance?

You can buy or port in numbers to set up shared calls. With Freshdesk Contact Center, you can purchase numbers starting from as low as $1. You can port numbers in the USA free of cost, and from other countries at a small fee. Once the numbers are set up, you can configure shared calls by adding agents to relevant call queues.

Is this feature supported in the Freshdesk Contact Center app?

Yes, you can make/take calls on a shared line group through the Freshdesk Contact Center app.

How many devices can be connected to a single shared line group?

There is no limit to the number of devices that can be configured in a shared call group. With Freshdesk Contact Center, a cloud-based phone system, agents can log in from any device to connect to the shared call group and attend to customers. 

Is there any limitation on the number of shared line group my organization can use?

No, there are no such limitations. Freshdesk Contact Center numbers are device-agnostic, and agents can take/make calls from any device that can connect to the internet.