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Shared phone lines across teams

Make your call center smarter and more efficient with shared phone lines. When your team shares a phone number, building seamless relationships becomes a lot easier regardless of geographical location; callers won’t have to look up numbers to talk to specific regional units, all they’ll have to do is dial your central line and whoever’s available will be able to pick up and address the issue. With shared lines, there are no missed calls and no frustrating handovers - just deeper relationships.

shared phone lines
No more missed calls

With Freshcaller, all of your users can use the same phone number to simultaneously make and receive calls. This makes manning phone lines a piece of cake - any agent can pick up calls from any place at any time.

Calls anywhere, anytime

A coffee shop. The movies. On the way home. All your agents need to make and take calls is an Internet connection and their laptop. With Freshcaller, your agents are no longer tied to one location.

Call flows for individual lines

With Freshcaller, you can set up call flows to route callers, based on availability, to the agents and groups best equipped to address the caller’s needs. This includes everything from setting up an auto receptionist to record voicemails outside business hours, to providing callback options if call queues are full.