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A know-it-all that customers love ❤️


When there is need... Need for speed🚀

Speed that helps customers get quick answers to their concerns. They love to find solutions in the first few minutes of their call than having to wait through multiple navigation patterns or wait in line to get in touch with a live agent. The smart answer bot  responds to customers on known questions like password resets, account activation and even the president of a country.

Voicebot _ need for speed


When there is need… Need to be available 24/7 ⏳

While customers don’t expect you to be available 24/7, they do expect to get some response whenever they call. Call deflection provides an around-the-clock customer service with the smart answer bot. This way customers have their concerns addressed on time, while your team gets more time to focus on pressing demands that need human intervention and more than just readymade answers.



Where there is need… Need to be proactive 🎙

There is always an essence of warmth when you give customers answers that’ll make life easier for them by proactively understanding their issues. Something as smart as asking the customers if they want to purchase a train ticket when they call to enquire the cost of the ticket is a effective way to give them a wow experience. Always be a step ahead and offer predictable solutions with the Smart Answer Bot.

Voiecbot proactive


Where there is need… Need to be productive 🤝

There is never enough time or resource to attend to customer calls in most phone teams. The Smart Answer Bot by Freddy is capable of handling the less complex, direct concerns from the customers leaving enough time for your phone agents to focus on the more complex L2 concerns. This way your agents can be most productive and deliver  impressive customer experience. 

voicebot productivity

Smart answer bot to your rescue 🤖

Instant answers

Get super quick answers to every call you make without even talking to a live agent.


Call deflection

Respond to customers even when no agents are around with this fall back that gives solutions.

Voice replies

The smart answer bot has a voice of its own. Hear the bot reply just like a real agent.

Freddy, your super smart buddy!

Freddy understands, identifies and answers customer concerns with the intelligence of a Smart Answer Bot. Customers can call, chat, email a helpline, talk and ask questions just like a normal interaction they have with a human being. Freddy looks for answers from the knowledge repository and FAQs to give the most relevant answer to the customer. Also, Freddy proactively gives the customer more information that solves the issue better by giving them what they really need on top of what they want.



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F.A.Q on Freshcaller's Smart Answer Bot

How does the Smart Answer Bot work in Freshcaller?

Every Freshcaller administrator has the option to set his call routing queues using the Smart Answer Bot. Under the Admin Settings > Call Flows, you can choose how the voice bot should attend the call, when should the call be transferred to an agent and all such fall back options. This way you can have the voicebot answer most of the simple and direct questions leaving only the complicated issues for the agents to solve. 

What are the fall back options for different call scenarios?

If the voicebot is unable to identify the relevant answer ot the caller gives a wrong voice input, the admin can configure fall back option for the following four scenarios:

1. Bot ends the conversation

2. Bot transfers the call to a live agent

3. Bot is unable to understand the caller's question

4. Bot receives an invalid input from the caller

For each of these scenarios, the call can be routed to:

1. IVR menu

2. Call Queue

3. Voicemail

4. Hangup