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Everything voicemail that a growing business needs

Route calls to voicemail

A growing business cannot afford to miss incoming calls. A missed call could be a prospect with high intent or an angry customer — an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss or a problem you need to solve on time. So, what can you do about the phone calls your team is unable to attend? The solution is simple. You can give your callers the option of leaving you a voicemail message, and call them back. Similarly, you can also use voicemail routing to capture calls you receive outside business hours.

route calls to voicemail route calls to voicemail


Customize voicemail greetings

Once you route your callers to a voicemail inbox,  you need to instruct them to leave clear and informative voicemail messages. This will help your team get back to them in a meaningful manner. In Freshdesk Contact Center, you can customize your business voicemail greetings, assign different greeting messages to different teams, tell your callers what to mention in their voicemail messages, and most importantly make them feel that you’re there to listen to them, even when you’re not online.


customized voicemail greetings customized voicemail greetings


Access voicemail transcriptions

Listening to all voicemail messages is not a simple task for a growing business. Increasing call volumes can also mean more voicemail messages when you are using voicemail as a fallback option. The best solution for this conundrum is to go for a cloud phone system with voicemail transcription capability like Freshdesk Contact Center. You can choose to quickly skim through voice transcriptions, or pull out the audio files for voicemail messages you need to assess the tone and emotions.

Access voicemail transcription Access voicemail transcription


Automate voicemail drop

Freshdesk Contact Center’s cloud-based voicemail system is not just for inbound calling teams. Your sales team or any other outbound calling team may need to leave the same voicemail message for every prospect they call and are unable to connect with. You can automate this repetitive and mind-numbing activity by choosing the voicemail drop feature in Freshdesk Contact Center. This way, your team can focus on what they actually want to do – talking to prospects – and leave the repetitive work of leaving voicemail messages to us.

Automate voicemail drop Automate voicemail drop

How to set up cloud-based Voicemail with Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Once you sign up for Freshdesk Contact Center, you can buy a phone number or port in your existing number. You can then build call flows that will send your unanswered calls to voicemail — all this from the comfort of a web browser on your desktop or laptop. You can also record custom greeting messages for your voicemail. The Freshdesk Contact Center interface is so simple that you can set it up without technical help, in no time.

Voicemail for Support and Sales teams

Voicemail system for Support teams

Freshdesk Contact Center can be seamlessly integrated with Freshdesk, our helpdesk and ticketing software. The integration will make sure that all the voicemail messages you receive through Freshdesk Contact Center are converted to tickets in Freshdesk. You can also set up rules to route these tickets to the team that needs to resolve them.



Voicemail system for Support teams Voicemail system for Support teams

Voicemail system for Sales teams

With the Freshsales CRM + Freshdesk Contact Center integration, your phone calls and voicemails will be available within your CRM software. You can create new leads if a new prospect leaves a voicemail, or you can create tasks and appointments if it’s an existing contact or lead. 

Voicemail system for Sales teams Voicemail system for Sales teams

FAQs on Voicemail capabilities

What is voicemail on the cloud?

Cloud-based voicemail, also called virtual voicemail, is a voicemail system that does not need telephony hardware to operate. This is possible because it is either hosted on the cloud or is part of a phone system or PBX which is cloud-based. It is more flexible than traditional voicemail systems because businesses can access their voicemail through mobile applications as well from the web via browsers like Google Chrome.

What is voicemail transcription?

When you receive a voicemail message, Freshdesk Contact Center will convert the voicemail speech into text. You can enable or disable voicemail transcription according to your preferences.

What are business voicemail greetings?

A business voicemail greeting is a pre-recorded message that will be played to a caller who is directed to your voicemail. Voicemail greetings can be used to reassure your callers that you’re listening to them, tell them what information to share, and also inform them about the duration within which you’ll be reaching out to them.

What is voicemail drop?

Voicemail drop enables you to leave pre-recorded messages for your potential customers, instead of you speaking it out every time you reach their voicemail box.