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Create custom voicemail messages and greetings

Your callers deserve to be greeted in a personalized manner. They are making a choice about calling you and every minute of your phone channel experience should validate their choice of reaching out to you. Create custom greeting messages depending on the call queue or the agent that the caller is intending to talk to. Allow callers to leave you a voicemail in case your agents are busy or on a holiday. The Freshcaller greeting text and voicemail section helps you completely customize your message depending on the exact call scenario.


Frequent greeting text & voicemail queries

How to create custom messages in Freshcaller?

You can choose to use our Text-to-Speech convertor and create unlimited greeting messages. You can always choose to upload an existing .mp3 file of your existing greeting message or record a message using your own voice to receive your callers.

IVR with greeting texts

Welcome your callers using the Freshcaller IVR system with a basic Greeting like 'Good Morning or a Good Afternoon' followed by a simple show of gratitude for having made the call. For example, 'Thank you for calling.

When should I ask callers to leave a voicemail?

Request your callers to leave you a voicemail when the caller presses 0 in the IVR (international standard) or is unable to reach any agent due to agents being offline or busy attending other calls


Call queues with greeting texts and voicemails

Your greeting texts should be an extension of your phone team. Callers should not feel that their experience with your phone system is robotic. Freshcaller lets you design the entire experience with maximum empathy for your callers.