What’s new in Freshcaller: Voicemail Drop

Introducing Voicemail Drop: A kick-ass productivity hack for busy sales reps

Our team has been putting in tremendous efforts over the past few months to beef up our outbound calling capabilities. We understand that for businesses with heavy outbound calling requirements, team efficiency is paramount. On that note, we are delighted to launch our newest feature: voicemail drop. 

What is voicemail drop?

Voicemail drop enables you to leave pre-recorded messages for your potential customers, instead of you speaking it out every time you reach their voicemail box. This way, your team can focus on what they actually want to do – talking to prospects and leave the repetitive work to us.  

Who can benefit from this feature?

For a sales team, outbound calling is unarguably, a critical part of their selling process. Sales reps make hundreds of calls in a day, out of which a significant share go to voicemail. Repeatedly leaving the same message can be time-taking and tiring. This feature helps the sales rep leave a pre-recorded message, drop off and move on to the next call, thus saving their time. So with voicemail drop, you not only improve your calling efficiency but also boost your prospecting.

Why should you use voicemail drop?

It saves you time: 

By harnessing the voicemail drop feature, reps can free up a significant portion of their day and thus maximize their productivity while doing telephone outreach. 

Leave a good first impression:

After a hectic day of calling, a sales rep can often sound jaded and unenthusiastic. Regardless, this feature ensures that your messages are always cheerful and lively. This way, you are able to leave a good first impression on your prospects. 

Give it a personalized touch: 

You can tailor your messages according to the audience segment you are targeting during your calls. Using messages that are deeply relevant to your prospects can make them take notice. For example, your message can include the name of the product that the prospect looked at on your website. 

Interested in knowing how to set up Voicemail Drop? Check out our solution article on Voicemail Drop

Illustration by Nikhil Kanda

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