What are the key benefits of a call routing system?

Call routing is the process of maximizing the chance of connecting a caller to the right agent, irrespective of incoming call volumes, with help of legacy call management features like call queues and ACD, and modern features like split-business hours and speech-enabled IVR.

Ensure round-the-clock operational efficiency

A good call routing system enables you to run your phone operations smoothly during business hours. A great routing service lets you perform well during business hours and after working hours. A powerful call routing solution like Freshdesk Contact Center makes sure your calls are handled during:

  • Business hours with timezone-specific answering rules and multi-level IVRS
  • After business hours with voicemail routing and fallback rules
  • Holidays with holiday calendar and holiday routing


Round the clock operational efficiency | Call routing Round the clock operational efficiency | Call routing


Amaze your callers with your team’s expertise

With Freshdesk Contact Center, your business can not only maximize responses to customer queries but also highly customize the way your phone teams work. For example, you can create teams of agents with varying levels of technical expertise and route customer calls accordingly. This will help in:

  • Striking effective conversations that’ll put callers at ease quickly
  • Shortening response time by eliminating transfers or call barging
  • Routing easier queries to automated responses


Connect to the right agent | Call routing Connect to the right agent | Call routing


Take the edge off being a cost center

Inbound calling teams have been traditionally perceived as cost centers. However, businesses are increasingly recognizing their crucial role in customer retention — a key component of expanding your revenue. While a great call routing solution can keep your customers happy, they can also reduce your costs by:

  • Helping customer queries get resolved faster and thus, reducing incoming call charges

  • Distributing the call load evenly to prevent agent burnout or attrition

Achieve cost efficiency | Call routing Achieve cost efficiency | Call routing

The 3 types of call routing processes you can leverage

Team-based call routing

Implement team-based routing of calls with the highly customizable answering rules and call queues in Freshdesk Contact Center. You can also optimize them for maximum customer satisfaction by enabling wait queues and queue callback.

Time-based call routing

Create call routing rules based on business hours that are a true reflection of how your team works. Make room for holidays, weekends (and lunch breaks too!) without compromising on the efficiency of your phone operations.

Intent-based call routing

Give your callers the option of choosing whom to talk to. Using Agent Extensions, a traditional IVR menu or a Speech-enabled IVRS your callers can connect with the right team or the right agent who can solve their problems.

What’s under the hood of Freshdesk Contact Center’s (formerly Freshcaller) call routing system?


Choose how your agents are alerted for incoming calls. You can choose to alert all available agents simultaneously or ring the most idle agent first.

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IVR System

Segment your incoming calls and route them to the right team, or pair an IVR menu with pre-recorded messages to build a self-service answering system.

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Speech IVR (Beta)

Key presses aren’t the only way to navigate an IVR menu now. With speech-enabled IVR, your callers can use voice commands to find the right agent.

Smart Escalations

Smart escalations help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances during business hours and make sure that all incoming calls are taken care of.

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Agent Extensions

Give your callers the freedom to skip the IVR menu and connect to their preferred agent or representative directly.

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Routing Automation

Create custom routing rules based on data inputs from third-party systems such as your CRM or Helpdesk. 

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Holiday Routing

Holiday routing allows you to temporarily direct calls to queues that will operate during the holidays according to your business’s holiday calendar.

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Business Hours Routing

Create time zone specific work hours for each team and plan the inbound routing of phone calls accordingly. Analyze calls based on business hours.

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Voicemail Routing

Use Freshdesk Contact Center phone system to route calls to voicemail, customize business voicemail greetings, access transcriptions, or automate voicemail drops.

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What customers say about our call routing system

Call Routing FAQs

What is call routing?

In telecommunication, call routing is the process of placing an incoming call in a call queue using features like IVR or Extensions to connect a caller to the right department or the right customer support agent. For example, a travel ageny can route their callers to the Refunds team using an IVR or to a customer service agent directly using an agent extension.

How is call routing set up?

Call routing can be set up by first buying a business phone number and mapping a call queue to that number. You can then proceed to connect the call queue to an IVR system to segment the incoming calls according to the caller's input (Press 1 to connect to the Booking department).

Does Freshdesk Contact Center have intelligent call routing?

Yes, Freshdesk Contact Center provides intelligent call routing. It has speech-enabled IVR which uses NLP to route calls. So callers need not perform keypresses. They can verbally respond to a pre-recorded message, and they will be routed to the right department by an IVR bot. Freshdesk Contact Center is also developing data automated routing capabilities that can perform data dips from integrated systems and perform call routing.

How can we implement the three call routing processes?

Time-based routing can be implemented using Business Hours Routing and Holiday Routing. Team-based routing can be set up using IVR, call queues and agent extensions. Intent-based routing can be implemented using IVR and Speech-enabled IVR.