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About UnderwearMan

Paul Ludena Delgado founded UnderwearMan nine years ago in Tilburg, Netherlands. Today, his eCommerce store ships underwear, swimwear, socks, and t-shirts of all the top brands to several countries across Europe. UnderwearMan has two primary goals — the first is to ensure quick delivery time and the second, to offer good customer service. It’s no surprise that their phone system is expected to directly impact and improve upon their goals.

The use case for a phone system

The fulfillment center is where all the action happens behind the scenes at UnderwearMan. This is also where Freshdesk Contact Center is used the most. The agents in the fulfillment center mostly get calls inquiring about product information and delivery times. They also make outgoing sales and pre-sales calls.

Earlier, they tried using a regular VoIP system to handle these conversations. But the calls just weren’t coming through. Soon, they switched to a regular phone. However, it just did not have the capabilities or features needed to manage the requirements of their customer support and sales teams. What their fulfillment center needed was a built-for-business phone system that can seamlessly work with their service desk software. With features like Freshdesk integration and warm transfer, Freshdesk Contact Center fulfilled that need!

“Freshdesk Contact Center helps us provide a professional customer service experience to our callers.”

Paul Ludena Delgado



The business impact of Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)

Of course, Freshdesk Contact Center has had other impact on UnderwearMan in addition to meeting their primary business requirements. One of the biggest challenges small businesses like UnderwearMan face is to provide a professional customer experience to their callers. This also plays a big role is defining the way customers perceive their service or brand. Freshdesk Contact Center helps them do just that with its custom messages feature.

custom voicemail custom voicemail

Creating custom messages on Freshdesk Contact Center

The phone system comes with pre-recorded Welcome, Voicemail, and Hang Up messages which can be customized according to the fulfilment center’s requirements. Paul and his team can also add any number of custom messages for each scenario during a customer call — instances where callers are put on hold or they are in queue to talk to an agent, etc. UnderwearMan especially uses the Welcome message functionality to assure their callers or customers that they have reached a professional and well-organized service provider.

Paul tells us that he is happy with how Freshdesk Contact Center has worked out for them, after their multiple experiments with different phone systems.