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About BannerBuzz

BannerBuzz is a company that specialises in creating custom signage and marketing materials. With over 2 decades of experience in helping businesses print custom banners, displays, table runners and more for their events, BannerBuzz operates in 7 countries and has over 450 employees worldwide. For Team BannerBuzz, customer experience is a priority which is why they have a rating of 4.65 out of 5, based on over 16,000 reviews on Yotpo.

Seamless customer service across channels

The eCommerce company offers customer service through a range of channels - phone, email, a knowledge base. While they were able to manage email and the knowledge base from a customer service platform, they were using physical phone lines to provide support. To step up their customer service, they realized that they needed a call center solution that would integrate seamlessly with their helpdesk and CRM. 

The team started evaluating business phone systems like RingCentral and Vonage; the priority for the team was the helpdesk and CRM integration above everything else which is how they landed on Freshcaller. Unlike with other services, the Freshcaller-Freshdesk integration meant that all customer communication - calls, chat and email - would be in one place, the cincher for the BannerBuzz team. 

“Inbound and outbound support agents use Freshcaller, at BannerBuzz. It’s easy for them to take notes and not maintain Excel sheets for queries. Freshcaller has helped us out a lot in maintaining data for easy access and retrieval.”

Tarang Desai

Team Manager


Key users

Bannerbuzz has about 60 support agents, some of whom handle phone support and some chat. On an average, they receive about 20,000 calls a month, that extend to about 100,000 minutes. Inbound and outbound support agents from BannerBuzz use Freshcaller to provide phone support. Inbound agents answer calls from customers and prospects while outbound support agents proactively engage with customers.

The Freshcaller Impact

Before Freshcaller, both inbound and outbound support agents would use Excel sheets to take notes from their calls and maintain records of their interactions. With Freshcaller, the BannerBuzz can easily maintain customer communication data through call notes; support agents take detailed notes of calls, notes that can be easily retrieved from a customer’s profile.


Call Notifications through Freshcaller widget

Call Notifications in Freshcaller

What the BannerBuzz team loves the most about Freshcaller though is the ability to take phone calls directly from the browser. No more tangling with physical phones - the BannerBuzz team can take phone calls from anywhere, anytime.