Milan, Italy 


To find a phone system that is scalable and easily configurable 

  •  Analytics
  • Call Barging

Pre-sales and post-sales customer support 

About brumbrum 

Brumbrum is a direct online car dealer, the first of its kind in Italy. On their website which serves as a digital showcase, it is possible to view a wide range of used and certified cars with a warranty of up to 3 years. In addition to the purchase of cars, Brumbrum also offers long-term car rental. Brumbrum helps you find, finance, buy or rent your new car entirely online from the comfort of your home.

BrumBrum was a new startup when they started looking to set up a call center on the cloud. They looked for the following in a cloud phone system: 

  • Minimum hardware

  • Readily scalable

  • Easily configurable 

  • User-friendly interface

Why Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

They tried Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshdesk Contact Center and discovered that it met all their requirements. Matteo Barcella, Director of operations of Brumbrum says the deciding factor for them was the Freshdesk Contact Center integration with Freshdesk Support Desk as they wanted an integrated phone channel with their customer support platform. 

The main users of Freshdesk Contact Center are their pre-sales and post-sales customer support representatives. For Pre-sales, the purchase is made entirely online by the customer, however they also have the option of contacting Brumbrum by phone. Once the sale is complete, the customers receive detailed information regarding the purchase by mail and according to the customer’s preference they are contacted by phone too, after the delivery of the car customers can contact them regarding any issues through chat, phone or email.

“We evaluated a customized cloud solution with Twilio, a ready-to-be-deployed Asterisk solution, and a standard PBX solution with a dedicated in-house server. We considered, most importantly the ease of set-up and configuration, set-up cost, and a user-friendly customizable interface – which we were able to find only in Freshdesk Contact Center.”

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Matteo Barcella

Director of operations


The importance of phone channel

Since Brumbrum happens to be an eCommerce site for cars, Matteo says their ordering process is very complex and it becomes important to communicate the process in detail with their customers. Despite providing support in other channels such as email/chat, they find phone as the best medium for this purpose. Brumbrum uses Freshdesk Contact Center along with Freshdesk Support Desk to help customers with their orders. 

He also mentions that they are now able to collect all their customer requests across any channel, be it phone, email or chat into Freshdesk Support Desk and their employees too are happy that they can use a single tool to respond to queries. 

Matteo mentions that the real-time reports of arriving and abandoned calls have also been of great help to them, it gives them the opportunity to monitor their call queue so that they can maintain a good service level ultimately translating to good customer experience and satisfaction.