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To find a modern phone system to provide customer service on the go


Forwarding calls to mobile


Sales and support teams

About KiwiQuads

Once upon a time, two drone enthusiasts wanted to race drones in not just sunny but also wintry conditions. They also wanted drone racing to be more accessible and affordable to people. Together, they started KiwiQuads, a company that sells FPV drones, and the Micro Racing League, an indoor race event for quadcopters. One of KiwiQuads’ selling points is that it allows buyers to easily build and visualise what their new racing drone will look like.

Supporting customers on the go

When there’s customization, it follows that there’s a lot of back and forth; Team KiwiQuads started giving out their personal mobile numbers to customers so that they could keep in touch and answer queries. This wasn’t ideal as the workload wasn’t evenly shared and it became difficult to chase up other team members customers or share the details of a support ticket.

They discovered the solution to their problems through their customer service software at the time, Freshdesk Support Desk, and there was no looking back. 

“Freshdesk Contact Center is the first service we’ve used to automate our phone systems and will probably be the last! Right now we wouldn’t even consider switching to anyone else.”

Oliver Noles



Key users

Phone support is a shared workload for Team KiwiQuads. Their calls are mostly support and sales - customers call in with troubleshooting needs or queries about when products will be in stock. Team KiwiQuads is mostly on the move so Freshdesk Contact Center is set up to ring everyone’s mobile phones so that whoever has the time will answer the call. 

“Often we’re away from our desks doing all sorts," Oliver explained, "-so that feature is super important to us. Even when we can’t take a call, the ability to record a voicemail so we can follow it up later is excellent.”

They ask customers to follow up their calls with an email so that the team can keep in touch with them regularly, even if they don’t need immediate phone support. 


The Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller) impact

Freshdesk Contact Center has helped Team KiwiQuads become much more organised by taking calls wherever they are and helping them match said calls to customer tickets. This way, they don’t have to worry about taking notes on the context - they can just look for the customer’s profile on Freshdesk Support Desk and see their interaction history. Oliver also mentioned that they’ve received positive feedback from their customers about Freshdesk Contact Center.

Customers love the ability to be able to call our local number and have someone from our team pick up every time. Even when we can’t answer calls, the voicemail feature allows us to call back the customers to solve their problems at a later date. Since using Freshdesk Contact Center and Freshdesk Support Desk, we’ve seen sales increase by at least 50% month after month.


Founders of KiwiQuads

Tristan Rudden and Oliver Noles, founders of KiwiQuads

Oliver Noles is personally a big fan of Freshdesk as well. “Since discovering the Freshdesk suite-," he said, "it’s made a massive impact on my productivity and instead of wasting time delegating customer support, I’ve been able to focus on other important tasks in the company.”