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To find a scalable phone system that integrated well with a customer service platform

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About VetShopAustralia


The world of pets seems cute and cuddly, at least according to Instagram, but in reality, it’s barking mad. And no one knows this better than VetShopAustralia, an online, healthcare business founded in 1999 that sells pet supplies and products. In 2018, VetShopAustralia acquired but realized that to continue being top dog, they had to step up their customer service and provide truly global customer service. 

Why phone is an important channel for VetShopAustralia

For VetShopAustralia, truly global customer service meant supporting customers using phone, chat and email. But to do so well, without making their agents feel like they’d bitten off more they can chew, they needed a robust customer service system that would help them deal with phone, chat and email from one place, instead of constantly switching between physical lines, Gmail and their chat software. 

Six agents, 3 in the Philippines and 3 in Australia, make up the VetShopAustralia customer service team. Between them, they handle phone, email and chat. Customers typically call in to either place new orders or inquiring about existing orders or products. The VetShopAustralia team spends approximately 5000 minutes a month (83 hours) on the phone, handling calls.

If the VetShopAustralia team didn’t find a tool that worked for them, their agents would spend all their time just switching between tools and ending up dog tired, instead of focusing on what matters: providing exceptional customer support.

The search for a customer service platform

So, VetShopAustralia decided to ditch their existing setup - a hosted PBX system for phone and Gmail for email - and look for a new best-in-show solution. When they looked for customer service platforms online, they found the Freshworks suite. The VetShopAustralia team was tickled pink with Freshworks, because they found the tools easy to set up, easy to understand and easy to use. Plus, the different channels - phone, email and chat - integrated well into one platform which was exactly what they were looking for.

“We use the Freshdesk suite of products and love how they all integrate so well. Our CSRs love it, so they are happier. Customers get their questions answered faster so they are happier too.”

Steven Perissinotto



The dog days are over

With Freshdesk Contact Center, VetShopAustralia has seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction and approximately 20% decrease in ticket resolution time. The team credits this to the seamless integrated customer experience - they’re able to easily track tickets across channels and solve issues faster. 

Team VetShopAustralia

Team VetShopAustralia

VetShopAustralia’s agents also love Freshdesk Contact Center for its ease of use and the ease of integration with other Freshworks products, allowing for them to easily switch between the different tools and share context between them.