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Finding a phone system that integrated well with their existing customer communication infrastructure


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About Penta

Penta was born because of a deep-seated frustration with the business banking system in Europe. Its founders Lav, Luka, Jessica, Aleks, Igor and Sir, built a banking solution for SMEs so that their frustrating experiences with the banking system as serial entrepreneurs would end with them. 

Penta is based out of Berlin, Germany, but has expansion plans that involve other European countries. As they expand, the Penta team is getting more and more distributed - now spread over three countries. To continue providing good service, they realized they needed a phone system that enabled them to manage and coordinate the rising amount of incoming phone inquiries, seamlessly, without the distributed team structure working against them. This meant that the phone system would have to be easily accessible to everyone, regardless of location, so that customer queries could be answered by whoever was on hand. The tool should also scale with their company’s growth and aid in their customer satisfaction, not become a liability. 

How Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller) came into play

As a Freshdesk customer, Penta was also looking for a phone solution that integrated seamlessly into their infrastructure. Freshdesk Contact Center fit the bill on all fronts so they tested it out. 

Freshdesk Contact Center’s primary users in Team Penta are the customer relationship managers. They use it for their daily customer communication. Freshdesk Contact Center integrates with Freshdesk, their ticketing system, so all customer communication - phone and email - is in one place. Before the relationship manager picks up the phone (figuratively) to talk to someone, they can check to see if somebody has talked to the customer in the past and what kind of issues they faced. 

According to Jessica Holzbach, Co-founder & CCO, customer relationship managers work out of Freshdesk Contact Center. 

“We take the calls directly from Freshdesk Contact Center. Freshdesk Contact Center is a great way to record customer conversations and note down customer data and personal notes. It’s easy to take notes in Freshdesk Contact Center and all agents can view them before they make a call. Plus, we can set up multiple lines so that multiple agents can answer queries simultaneously.”

Jessica Holzbach - Co-founder & CCO - Penta Jessica Holzbach - Co-founder & CCO - Penta
Jessica Holzbach

Co-founder & CCO


When Team Penta measures its work, there are four metrics they look at:

  • Inbound calls per week
  • Adoption rate 
  • Average waiting time
  • Abandoned reasons

“We heavily monitor the call status split, waiting time, and adoption rate. If we see a surge in incoming calls, we are therefore able to quickly act on this. We also monitor those metrics before, during and after e.g. marketing efforts to always improve our support and to be better prepared.” 

Freshdesk Contact Center’s reports, according to Jessica, make it easy for Penta to see where they can tweak their processes and increase customer satisfaction. They use the metrics as a sign of alarm to investigate possible issues and adjust capacity accordingly, thus decreasing the waiting time and bringing the adoption rate back to normal. 

Performance Reporting on Freshdesk Contact Center Performance Reporting on Freshdesk Contact Center

Performance Reporting on Freshdesk Contact Center