Sydney, Australia


To improve customer experience by unifying customer service channels

  • IVR
  • Customer profile and history

Operations team

About Blys

One of Australia’s fastest growing wellness brands, Blys is a platform that makes professional massage therapy more accessible by streamlining the processes involved in getting a massage. Unlike traditional massage parlors which require phone appointments and travel to said parlor, Blys enables its users to book appointments through its website and app and receive massages from the comfort of their home. A tech-savvy company, Blys’ focus is on delivering simple and delightful experiences to customers, through their community of practitioners, design and of course, technology.

The curious case of too many software

However, while making headway into making scheduling massages less frustrating and painless, they realized the same wasn’t holding true for their customer service.

Customers reached out to Blys through various channels – phone, email, chat – but these channels were handled using different software by Blys so conversations would often happen parallely and there’d be information gaps, as a result. These tools were varied and not easily integratable – Zopim for live chat, a standard desk line for phone calls and Google apps (Gmail for well… email and Google Sheets as a CRM) – so their simple and delightful user experience was suffering as a result. Blys is a data-driven company that likes to continuously optimise their processes so the lack of data from this combination of tools also meant they couldn’t measure their performance. 

When they started looking for a platform, they looked at a range of software – Zendesk, Helpscout etc. – but decided to go with the suite of products recommended by a happy customer just down the hall from them — Freshdesk’s customer engagement suite, including Freshdesk Contact Center.

“Since Freshdesk Contact Center is built in Freshdesk Support Desk, the integration is very seamless. We can easily see the customers’ profile and communication history – including all emails, calls and live chat history. So we easily know who the person on the other line is and can have easy access to their profile and history when we talk to them.”

Ilter Dumduz

CEO and Founder


The Blys operations team is the one that mainly uses Freshdesk Contact Center, and Freshdesk Support Desk, to handle inquiries from users. The interactions are typically with clients and therapists, but mostly clients. The operations team also likes to do follow up calls with customers who’ve reached out through email for a more personal user experience. 
With a tightly integrated customer service platform, Blys is able to offer a seamless and more delightful experience to its users. When a customer reaches out to them, they can easily identify them and get full context of all previous interactions, no matter what the channel - email, phone or chat - through their profile and history even as they talk to them. 

Using data to offer Blys-ful customer service

The switch away from a standard desk line also means that Blys, a data-driven company, can also capture key customer service data such as time of calls, call volume, duration, response time, resolution time etc. The team particularly focuses on tracking and improving first response time, call duration and percentage of missed calls. The data is used to set internal targets so that they can measurably improve the speed, quality and overall efficiency of the team. In the time period they’ve been with Freshdesk Contact Center, the improvement has been nothing short of amazing. 

Since Freshdesk Contact Center, Blys has decreased their call handle time by 47%, reduced their first response time from 21 seconds to 6 seconds and reduced their percentage of missed calls to 0% of all calls received. 

A cloud telephony solution also means that the Blys team can record all calls and use it for internal training and analysis.

Blys has just recently set up an IVR; they wanted to do it because it helps them optimise the phone experience even further and manage customer expectations. If they’re having a busy call period and they have delays with call answer times, the IVR helps them make sure the customer experience doesn’t suffer.

"Freshdesk Contact Center is now a key component of the “Blys Playbook for Excellence in Customer Service”, our internal set of guidelines and best practices.", said Ilter. "Freshdesk Contact Center gives us confidence when we’re handling customers. It’s reliable and comes with features that gives us the data we need (quantitative and qualitative) to iterate on our operations."