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To find a phone system that can scale up with their fast growth

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About Bunz mobile Physio

Wolfgang Bunz was always passionate about the Triathlon. However, he soon experienced the toll that high performance takes on young athletes like himself. It wasn’t long before he started visiting several physiotherapists as a patient. At this time, patients had to almost beg to receive treatment in their homes. Remember, these were people in pain and with mobility problems. This sparked the idea of Bunz mobile Physio.

Today, Bunz mobile Physio, headquartered in Munich, provides physiotherapy home visits to patients across Germany and Austria. Being part of the rapidly growing private healthcare services industry, Wolfgang and his company has internalized the importance of adapting to the evolving challenges of this domain.

The requirement

Digitization and decentralization have been at the core of their approach to optimizing their processes to match, if not exceed, the expectations of their customers. The result is a highly networked, widely distributed team. Their administration team works at different locations as well. This also meant that their technical requirements, especially in the field of communication, must be flexible and scalable. Freshworks products meet exactly these requirements and help to implement their goals concerning quality and growth.

Why phone support

The telephone is important to Bunz mobile Physio because their product needs explanation. Moreover, they are also dealing with sick, often desperate people who want to talk to real people. Emails or bots simply don’t cut it in this scenario. The telephone therefore is and remains an important element of their communication.

Other phone systems vs. Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

Their previous business phone provider did not offer a WebRTC solution. So they were forced to install SIP phones. The effort was too great given their long-term growth strategy and they started looking for a new solution that required less hardware, maintenance and training.

Wolfgang, who is now also the Creative Head of the company, tells us that they tested all the major telephony providers in Germany for more than a year. They also tried out some smaller providers offering telephony by web browser.

“We wanted a solution that was easy to use, quick to set up and expand, and logically priced. We wanted to avoid incalculable additional costs through IT consulting, server costs, etc. and looked for a provider who would meet our requirements out-of-the-box if possible. Freshdesk Contact Center was a direct hit here.”

Wolfgang Bunz
Wolfgang Bunz

Founder and Creative Head

Bunz mobile Physio

How they transitioned to Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

Switching to a new phone system is usually a tricky process. However, Wolfgang tells us that the migration process went smoothly: “Our employees were very happy to accept the new system. Even employees without any technical skills immediately used Freshdesk Contact Center intuitively. Customers didn't notice the change. We redirected our old numbers and, above all, masked our free phone numbers so that no questions arose. We are still or even better accessible by telephone.”

How Bunz mobile Physio streamlined their customer service

Freshdesk Contact Center is primarily used by the customer service staff to make phone calls in both the sales and support areas. Apart from that, the management team also has its own numbers to be available in the office.

Bunz mobile Physio has integrated Freshdesk Contact Center into their helpdesk software – Freshdesk Support Desk. They convert missed calls or callback requests to tickets, and the phone team then processes these tickets. Since Freshdesk Contact Center is integrated into the helpdesk, they do not have switch applications or their browser window to use them both simultaneously. 

Freshdesk Contact Center’s integration to email also is fast and error-free. They can also easily select the sender number and take notes during or immediately after the call.

The team is also planning to implement live chat using Freshdesk Messaging in their website. This will allow their agents to process support requests directly in Freshdesk Support Desk and respond with Freshdesk Contact Center.

“Freshdesk Contact Center has a nice interface that you like to work with. In addition, Freshdesk Contact Center has kept all its promises, is very reliable and, very importantly, the support is world class.”

Wolfgang Bunz
Wolfgang Bunz

Founder and Creative Head

Bunz mobile Physio

Key Results

Wolfgang acknowledges the importance of Freshdesk Contact Center in achieving Bunz mobile Physio’s growth last year. Their call volume has almost doubled, and so has their team. But thanks to Freshdesk Contact Center, the telephone system has not been a limiting factor to their quick growth. 

Also interesting is the significant decrease in unproductive calls due to the welcome message function, which informs callers about the company’s policies before they are put through. 

They are also tracking missed or disconnected calls, and have won back many apparently lost customers. “Overall, we are talking about an efficiency gain of 25%. The image gain cannot be quantified,” says Wolfgang.

When asked if Freshdesk Contact Center has any impact on his role in the company, Wolfgang tells us: 

"Any system that works without intervention is a relief. After a long struggle with an inadequate system and a long search for a better alternative, we have permanent peace on the telephone front. I can devote myself to other challenges."