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To move from deskphones to a helpdesk/CRM integrated cloud phone system

  • Call queues 
  • Business hours 

Support and sales teams

About Doctible

Doctible is a Healthcare SaaS marketing and automation platform that enables medical practitioners to get feedback in real time from their patients while automating important back-office tasks. Docitble understands the complexity of running a practice and as a testament to that they have thousands of doctors currently using their platform.

The Hassle of Deskphones 

Doctible were initially using Zoho as their helpdesk. They did not have a phone system integrated with their helpdesk and were using desk phones to make and receive calls. 

Ajit, Co-founder and CEO of Doctible, tells us that it was not a comfortable setup and things were chaotic — if they were away from their desk it meant missing a call or running to their desks to pick it up. It wasn’t a scalable solution either. 

The main users of phone are their sales representatives and support agents. Ajit says, they experienced tremendous difference upon shifting to Freshdesk Contact Center and Freshdesk Support Desk as their phone system - helpdesk solution. Doctible also use Freshdesk Contact Center and Freshsales as their integrated phone and CRM solution.

“Earlier we were using deskphones to make and receive calls, our helpdesk was not integrated with our phone systems. Our agents and reps had to run to their desks if they received a call. Freshdesk Contact Center has made things convenient for us, now we can receive and make calls from our browser — no hardware, no hassle”

Ajit Viswanathan

Co-Founder, CEO


The move to a helpdesk integrated cloud phone system

Upon moving to Freshdesk Contact Center, their agents and reps were no longer tied to their desks, there was no need to rush to their desks to attend calls. They could make and receive calls anywhere with only their laptop and a working internet connection, if required they could even send the calls to their mobile phones, this gave them great flexibility. 

Also their phone and helpdesk/CRM were not separate anymore — they could make or take calls from Fresdesk and Freshsales. Ajit says the integrations works beautifully making it easy for him to train agents as they don’t have to learn to use a phone system and helpdesk/CRM separately. They also don’t have to juggle between multiple tools. He adds that training has been made easier thanks to the call barging feature enabling him to step in and coach new agents/reps when necessary. 

His favorite features include call queues and business hours. He likes having the ability to set his business hours and send calls that come in after business hours to voicemail. Ajit stresses the ease of configuring call flows in Freshdesk Contact Center allowing him to effectively route and helping him make sure he doesn’t miss any customer calls. 

Being one of the earliest customers of Freshdesk Contact Center — Ajit says he has seen Freshdesk Contact Center grow into a mature and scalable phone system for businesses.