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To find a scalable phone system, and reduce the number of missed calls

  • Call recording
  • Call barging 

Customer happiness representatives

About Simply Maid

Simply Maid offers house cleaning services in Australia. In their own words — they are different from your typical home cleaning company and are out to create magic. They seek to provide hassle-free and remarkable house cleaning services. It is clear from their website that they place great emphasis on their customer satisfaction. In fact, their support agents are called customer happiness representatives.

Why phone is an important channel for Simply Maid

Simply Maid representatives answer many types of phone calls from their customers such as: 

  • New customer inquiries 
  • Pricing related queries 
  • New bookings or rescheduling
  • Existing service inquiries
  • Customer complaints

However, theirs is not an exclusively inbound call center. They also make outgoing calls to:

  • Collect service feedback 
  • Notify customers of any changes to service

Since they receive many different types of calls, it is important that they do not miss any calls and at the same time guide customers in an organized way without their representatives getting stressed out.


“Our previous system did not cater to multi-agent setups and it was challenging to collaborate. Since we've switched to Freshdesk Contact Center, we now know everything that is happening in our business. We were able to add some order in our chaotic workflow.”

Huy Hoang


Simply Maid

( The struggles of a rapidly scaling business 

Simply Maid were using an old school PBX system which offered very little capability and was able to transfer calls only to their mobile phones. At one point they were rapidly scaling. However, despite adding agents they were missing many calls — since their phone system transferred calls only to their mobile phones, they had no idea which agents were busy and which agents were available. They had no mechanism by which they could track their missed calls or voicemails meaning they could not follow up with their customers. 

Needless to say, the whole setup was chaotic for them — 

  • They were unable to attend many customer calls.

  • There was no way to follow up with missed calls and voicemails. 

  • It was impossible to coordinate with other team members. 

Their customer satisfaction was taking a hit. Huy Hoang, founder of Simply Maid, realized things needed to change. When searching for a phone system, he came across a user recommending Freshdesk Contact Center on reddit — Huy says “I looked up Freshdesk Contact Center, gave it a try and loved it”.

A renewed and organized workflow with Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

Huy says Freshdesk Contact Center has brought about the much-needed order into their workflow which was previously haphazard — 

  • With Freshdesk Contact Center, they can now route customer calls effectively. They can send calls to their most idle agent or ring all agents simultaneously. 

  • They can now answer calls directly from their browser while looking up customer details in their CRM. 

  • With the dashboard, they now have a complete view of their teams, they know which agents are currently busy and available making it easier for them to collaborate. 

  • They also have access to call analytics which was earlier missing, they can now keep track of the number of calls received and number of calls missed.   

Huy said, since adopting Freshdesk Contact Center they have reduced their missed calls by at least 35%.

Call recording and call barging are two of the favorite Freshdesk Contact Center capabilities for Huy, as it has been very helpful to him in training new agents. 

“Freshdesk Contact Center has helped me improve our customer support & sales line which has driven growth in our business,” he adds.

Simply Maid’s goal is to ‘wow’ their customers and as Freshdesk Contact Center’s customer, we hope we have been able to deliver the same ‘wow’ experience for Simply Maid.