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About Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is a leading digital mailbox and postal mail management software company. Their mission is to transition all postal mail onto smartphones and laptops across the world. Anytime Mailbox Digital Mailbox Management Software improves productivity and time-savings while also providing security and convenience to businesses and individuals alike.

 Headquartered in Southern California (USA) with offices in Manila and Singapore, they are truly a distributed company, employing location-independent teams based around the globe. They are digital nomads and wanderlusters at heart, excited to show up each day and ready to continue enhancing the quality of life for individuals the world over.

 To deliver superior customer service, Anytime Mailbox uses Freshdesk Contact Center to handle both inbound and outbound calls for their end user and operator support functions.

The struggle of multiple tools

Before Freshdesk Contact Center, the customer support team utilized several different software tools. Anytime Mailbox’s VP of Operations, Nathalie Schroeder, said, “It was frustrating using multiple applications, one application for our toll-free number, another for our live chat, and then we’re using emails to respond to customer queries. This disparate setup created gaps in communication between the systems, and often, things would not sync up as well as they should”. In fact, one of her very first projects after joining Anytime Mailbox was to find software that would streamline their customer support functions.

Anytime Mailbox reviewed many different vendors, including, Salesforce, but none had the suite or combinations of products and services they required. And one of the things which Nathalie specifically needed was an intuitive hands-on approach while, naturally, not being pressured during the evaluation process. Her ideal system would allow her teams to convert phone calls into support tickets.  According to Nathalie, “Freshdesk Contact Center checked all the boxes and continues to provide the best support.” And she loves Freshdesk Contact Center’s customizable, user-friendly interface.

 A unified experience

 Apart from Freshdesk Contact Center, Anytime Mailbox uses other Freshworks products like Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshdesk Messaging. Their support team handles multiple channels, such as phone, email, and chat, which helps unify all customer queries. Freshdesk integrated all of the varied support apps Anytime Mailbox was using into one, and according to Nathalie, they all work together seamlessly.

“We have been using Freshdesk Contact Center for over a year now and are very pleased with the software. Freshdesk Contact Center helps me manage and oversee my staff through the live dashboard and analytics. I like that Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshdesk Messaging and Freshsales all work seamlessly together with Freshdesk Contact Center.”

Nathalie Schroeder

VP of Operations

Anytime Mailbox

Trackable customer support

Anytime Mailbox also uses Freshdesk Contact Center’s reporting module to generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports that helps the team keep track of their day-to-day operations and performance. Further, they like the deep customization available for generated reports, including types of calls (misses, voicemail, etc.), agent performance, and call summaries. With Freshdesk Contact Center, Anytime Mailbox now has a way to view any missed and abandoned calls, which helps ensure they call customers back within the same day.

 Overall, Nathalie states that Freshdesk Contact Center has made managing daily operations and running a successful support center much easier.

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