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To move from a legacy phone system to a feature-rich enterprise-grade cloud phone system. 


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About DuoCircle

Duocircle provides a suite of email security solutions, they protect businesses around the world against ransomware, phishing, spoofing, and fraud in email. Duocircle is trusted by over 25,000 companies worldwide to deliver their email.

A legacy system

When DuoCircle purchased a new business, they migrated their customer base to a new spam filtering platform, but they did not initially migrate their phone system.  After a few weeks, DuoCircle realized that the system lacked a massive number of features, including call routing, caller-id to CRM, international phone numbers, and the ability to use softphones on computers and smartphones. 

Duocircle realized that if they wanted to create an enterprise-grade email security company, they had to change the phone system they had just inherited. To DuoCircle, enterprise-grade means always-on, accessible from anywhere, and ready to handle the demands of their clients and staff. 

Brad Slavin, CEO of Duocircle, said that there are three things they looked for in a phone system: 

  • Integrations with their existing tools
  • Ease of use and training 
  • A company with exceptional customer service 

They looked for a phone system that could integrate with their helpdesk, which meant that they wanted to create support tickets from their phone conversations. When it came to ease of use, they wanted a phone system that enabled them to build and maintain IVR menus intuitively. 

They also wanted to have full control over their phone system and be able to change the routing options or update messages to send out announcements to their customers, in case of emergencies. 

Being a company that strived to offer exceptional customer support, it is no surprise that they expect the same from their telephony provider.

“Our Employees love using Freshdesk Contact Center due to its simplicity.”

duocircle duocircle
Brad Slavin



The move to Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

Brad says they used Freshdesk as their helpdesk system and were extremely pleased with it. Later, when it came to upgrading their phone system, naturally, they decided to try Freshdesk Contact Center. 

Brad mentions that Freshdesk Contact Center enabled them to provide 24/7 live technical support across multiple time zones and shifts, which they were unable to provide previously. 

Seamless Freshdesk and Freshsales integration 

Duocircle uses Freshdesk Contact Center for inbound customer service calls via Freshdesk, and outbound sales calls are routed through Freshsales. Duocirlce offers multiple products and SaaS services with a global footprint. 

Thanks to Freshdesk Contact Center's call routing capabilities, Brad says they are now able to route callers without having to deal with multiple IVR menus or options. When a customer call comes in, it is routed based on the region and the product the customer needs help with. They find that the ability to add custom hold messages helps them educate their customers about their other products as well as upsell enhancements. 

By using Freshdesk Contact Center with Freshdesk, they can make calls from their helpdesk without having to shift tabs and link their conversations with tickets. He says that using Freshdesk Contact Center along with Freshdesk accounts for about 90% of their monthly usage.  He adds that they generate leads on Freshdesk Messaging and Freshdesk and route it to their sales team within Freshsales. They can also make calls from inside their CRM and link conversations to leads. 

He says his employees love using the whole system due to its simplicity.

“Thanks to Freshdesk Contact Center, we can now provide 24/7 live technical support across multiple time zones and shifts. We are able to route callers without having to deal with multiple IVR menus or options.”

DuoCircle DuoCircle
Brad Slavin



The Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller) impact 

Brad mentions that his favorite feature is the ability to record and playback phone calls; he feels that the feature provides accountability and brings in transparency to their team. 

"Freshdesk Contact Center makes us feel bigger and act more professionally when it comes to the voice component of our business. And from our customers' perspective, things are seamless." — he says.