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To find a phone system that offers good customer experience and adequate capabilities

  •  Analytics
  • Call Barging

Customer Support agents

About Fullkom

Fullkom facilitates the digitalization of brands by delivering solutions in the technological, operational and logistics fields so that their online channel is successful. Fullkom’s purpose is to support its customers throughout the value chain and ensure the best shopping experience for the end consumer.

Fullkom uses both Freshdesk and Freshcaller to run their customer experience center — they like having a single platform where everything is centralized. Their main users are support agents who take calls from end customers helping them with doubts or problems with purchases made online.

Moving to a ‘robust and unified platform’ with Freshcaller and Freshdesk

Paul Wheeler, General Manager, Fullkom says the phone system they were using earlier lacked several capabilities and they did not have a good experience.

Problems encountered by Fullkom in their previous phone system were: 

  • Lack of IVR and call flows capability 
  • Unresponsive support 
  • Delay in user activation/deactivation and billing. 

They evaluated Five9 and Zendesk before choosing the Freshdesk-Freshcaller combination. One of Fullkom’s priorities were pricing and they found Freshdesk and Freshcaller not only as capable and efficient but also lower in its pricing. He says Freshcaller provided them with everything their previous phone system lacked and they found a very robust and united platform with Freshdesk and Freshcaller.

“In general, the impact has been positive from the point of view of our management, it has allowed us to have greater visibility, manage costs and know how much we pay for our efforts, thus helping us define our business model and adapt to everyday needs of our customers.”

Paul Wheeler

General Manager


Key results with freshcaller

Paul says Freshcaller has allowed them to generate a connection between the various service channels they offer to their customers — Freshcaller helps them manage different phone numbers, with different messages and groups of agents, among other things, giving them the ability to efficiently manage and streamline the different processes by type of service. 

He says their favorite features are Freshcaller analytics and call barging. They use analytics and reporting modules to closely monitor the customer service provided to their teams, they use it extensively to create different reports for their different teams — some of the metrics they closely follow are: 

  • Total calls answered 
  • Total calls answered per agent 
  • Average handle time per agent 

“Freshcaller’s influence has been very important at the organizational level.”

Paul Wheeler

General Manager


  • With Freshcaller, Fullkom was able to reduce its customer abandonment rate in queues by 50% 
  • Using Freshcaller’s intelligent routing options they were able to decrease their customer wait times by at least 30%. 

Paul says the call barging feature allows supervisors to enter into calls and coach agents, this greatly helps in training their agents thus improving customer interaction.  

He says their customer experience center is now truly centralized, they have good visibility of the happenings in their center and are able to serve their customers effectively. 

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