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About Really Social 

Really Social is a revolutionary hospitality and restaurant marketing agency that puts restaurants on the map with tailored and personalized social media content and multi-channel online marketing — allowing them to reach new customers without the leg work and with just a tap of their app. Also their social media messenger booking platform completely automates online booking without the need to direct customers away from social media.

Increased Flexibility with Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

James Krappe, Managing Director of Really Social says that as an organization they wanted to provide maximum flexibility to their employees. Earlier they had to provide every employee with a deskphone and then they had to contact the service provider to activate the phone — this was both expensive and time-consuming.  James says that they looked at other providers including ‘Bria’ and a local cloud telephony provider before zeroing in on Freshdesk Contact Center. 

Some of the key features they looked for in a phone system was: 

  • Ability to transfer calls amongst team members, 
  • Individual numbers for their sales team members, 

  • Call recording,

  • Analytics

He says they are able to configure their phone system on their own with ease thanks to Freshdesk Contact Center’s detailed knowledge base. Their previous provider had a very complicated user interface that made things complicated and time-consuming. The analytics they had access to previously was also limiting.

“As a software company, we appreciate good design and ease of use so these were key factors in our search for a new provider — it had to feel slick to use. We could set a new member of staff on Freshdesk Contact Center in less than 30 seconds — it couldn’t be easier.”

james really social
James Krappe

Managing Director

With Freshdesk Contact Center — employees of Really Social can now use their mobile phones which James says they really prefer over desk phones as they don’t have to be tied to their desks.

Really Social was now able to experience greater flexibility as: 

  • Their employees could use their own mobile phones and not be tied to the desk 

  • They could add a new member in less than 30 seconds 

  • They could set up their phone system on their own with no technical help  

  • They have easy access to call analytics which wasn’t the case previously with other phone systems 

The Freshworks ecosystem advantage

Really Social uses various Freshworks products and they experienced several benefits with the seamless integration:

Calls are automatically logged into Freshsales and Freshdesk this removes the need for manual recording which might result in errors and also helps them save time to focus on more important tasks. 

They are able to provide an omnichannel customer experience with the integrated ecosystem of Freshdesk Messaging, Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshdesk Contact Center giving customers the option of reaching out to them in whichever platform they feel comfortable. 

Having all 3 platforms integrated allows their employees on the phone to easily see call notes or previous messages during a call allowing anyone in the team to support a client and provide a great customer experience without having to ask for more information.

“We wanted a solution that would give us visibility across the company to ensure KPIs are being met, agent training needs can easily be identified and high quality customer support can be given. As a start up we need all our resources to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, Freshdesk Contact Center has allowed us to offer a tier 1 customer experience and given managers in the company the tools and metrics they need to make informed decisions so we can drive the business forward.”

james really social
James Krappe

Managing Director

Really Social

Leveraging Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller) analytics to increase sales conversion

Since adopting Freshdesk Contact Center they have been able to dramatically increase their sales conversion — they have been able to do this by identifying key calling times and call duration. 

With the help of Freshdesk Contact Center analytics, they have found that customers talk longer during evenings than in the morning and this discovery made them understand that evenings were a better time to have more meaningful conversations with prospects thus increasing the chance of conversion. 

Call recording has also massively helped them train their sales team, before a one on one meeting, the sales manager can now review calls and provide specific training points in a meeting helping their reps in professional development. 

“A great tool is both easy to use and provides you with meaningful analytics and Freshdesk Contact Center does both!” says James.