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To find a phone system that provides metrics to track call volume 


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About Jeanswest


                                                             All you need is love, but a great pair of jeans never hurts!

Alison Norwood started the first Jeanswest store in Perth in 1972. Since their launch, they’ve expanded across countries east and west and currently operate multiple stores across Australia, New Zealand, China, Russia, etc. Though denim is their flagship line, they’ve forayed into knitwear, leather, suede, wool, and now also offer an award-winning maternity range. Jeanswest stands out for its excellent customer service, and that bears testimony to ‘Jeanswest fits best.’

The occupational hazards of dated systems

Like most modern-age retail businesses, Jeanswest has an online store. This requires them to be available through different channels for queries related to purchase, refunds, etc. 

Unfortunately, Jeanwest was using a dated phone system that wouldn’t let them measure the volume of incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. This prompted them to look for alternative technology to meet their customer service expectations.

Jacqui Douglas, the Retail Operations Manager, said that they started looking for modern solutions that would help them track call volumes. They evaluated Zendesk alongside Freshdesk Contact Center, and she found both similar in terms of capabilities and features offered. But they ultimately chose Freshdesk Contact Center because it was as capable while being more affordable than Zendesk.

Freshdesk Contact Center is used mainly by their customer care team to provide support to internal (160+ stores) and external customers and to manage all incoming calls/queries.

“Freshdesk Contact Center provides us with the reporting functions our previous phone system lacked. This allows us to measure and monitor our incoming and outgoing calls, and has helped us make key business decisions.”

Jacqui Douglas

Retail Operations Manager


The benefits of integration

Before integrating Freshdesk Contact Center with Freshdesk Support Desk, they used to receive customer queries from multiple channels - calls, emails, and their service desk. The ability to integrate Freshdesk Contact Center with Freshdesk Support Desk has allowed them to streamline this process entirely, and now all their conversations are in one place. 

The integration has also enabled them to monitor call volumes, as Freshdesk Support Desk creates a ticket automatically each time a call comes into the system. With this information, they were able to improve customer service, as they no longer had inquiries coming in through different platforms.

Additionally, access to previous communication history has enabled Jacqui’s team to improve its service standards. The ability to access customer interaction history has helped them deliver a more personalized experience for their customers.

Improving performance with call analytics 

By measuring and monitoring their incoming and outgoing calls using Freshdesk Contact Center, they have been able to make critical business decisions. Features such as welcome messages and call notes have allowed them to improve their service standards. Agent performance reporting has helped them drive growth and performance within the team.

As the Retail Operations Manager, Jacqui Douglas’ role is to monitor and provide feedback to the customer care team, and ensure that customer service standards are met. She says that Freshdesk Contact Center’s data is essential to her ability to coach and develop the team. The analytics module helps her measure and improve productivity.

“Agent performance report is shared regularly with the team. This enables them to see how they are performing against others on indicators such as the total number of calls, handle time, and distribution of calls.”

“The agent performance report is shared regularly with the team. This enables them to see how they are performing against others on indicators such as the total number of calls, handle time, and distribution of calls.”

Jacqui Douglas

Retail Operations Manager