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To route business calls to the right team or agent based on their availability

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About MoreApp 

With MoreApp you can fill any business form, be it a work order, inspection survey or any other digital form. You can capture different types of data such as pictures, signatures or email addresses. MoreApp makes building forms easy and intuitive, you can capture data quickly and in a simple manner. 

For an application like MoreApp, customers have questions regarding building their forms or tailoring it to their needs — their sales and support teams get on a call with customers to solve their queries and also better understand their use case.

What triggered the search for a phone system

Clara Sebastián from MoreApp shares they were initially using a phone system which simply routed calls from customers to their personal phones. They had no way to know if the incoming call was a business call or a personal call. 

Their customers would call anytime, be it early in the morning or late in the night. If they were in the middle of something, they couldn’t get to solving their user’s problem quickly. Moreover, it was not a very professional way of handling calls. At MoreApp they wanted a phone system that helped them attend calls from their desktop, this way they’d know it’s a business call and can get to work immediately. 

Since MoreApp was already using Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshsales, it was a no-brainer for them to go with Freshdesk Contact Center — they loved the seamless integration. 

Who are the key users of  Freshdesk Contact Center? (Formerly Freshcaller)

Freshdesk Contact Center is mainly used by customer support and sales teams within their organization:

  • Their support team answer queries and talks to prospects who wish to know more about MoreApp after finding them online 

  • The sales team primarily makes calls to new users to know more about their use case and to help with their digitization process

How their team benefitted from Freshdesk Contact Center

Clara says the call flows feature comes as a blessing for MoreApp, as they provide support in multiple languages — Dutch, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Call flows allow them to direct calls from different regions to the right teams. Now they have a more professional way of answering calls and can get to work immediately once a call comes in their desktop. 

Messages are another important feature for MoreApp — having the ability to record and play professional greeting messages helps them, direct customers, to the right call queue. She also says they no longer worry when they are out of office, as they can be sure a message will be played to the callers directing them to MoreApp’s helpdesk powered by Freshdesk Support Desk. 

She says now their teams are also much happier and experience less stress. Now, isn’t that something every business yearns for!

“We are happier and experience less stress. If we are on a break, we can put ourselves on offline, and the caller gets to hear a professional message where we point them to our help center. Handling calls is now way more professional than when we picked up the calls using our own mobile phones.”

clara clara
Clara Sebastián

Product Genius


How MoreApp’s agent performance improved 

Clara places emphasis on the number of calls received, which they seek to reduce. She says, at MoreApp they like to take the time, research, and provide the best possible advice to customers so that their queries are solved quickly and they don’t call again for the same problem. 

After Freshdesk Contact Center, she says there is a clear reduction in the number of calls received when used along with Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshdesk Messaging. In addition to tracking the number of calls received, they make use of Freshdesk Contact Center analytics to keep a watch on missed calls and the amount of time spent on calls by each agent. 

For MoreApp Clara says, the Freshdesk Contact Center-Freshsales integration comes in handy too, every call log with a call recording and call notes is automatically added to the respective contact in Freshsales, thus providing visibility and giving context to other team members in case the customer calls again. 

“If we pick up the call in Freshdesk Contact Center, a call log is automatically added to the contact in Freshsales. This is really good, so other colleagues can check out the previous communication with that particular user,” Clara adds.