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About Solar Support

Solar Support is a truly modern company. In their own words, they are a ‘startup with no physical location’. However, this is not the only attribute that makes them innovative. They are an end-to-end technology provider for everything solar — the Solar Support team not only guides projects in sourcing solar energy tech, but they also provide expert equipment support, diagnose and resolve failures, and boost uptime by maximizing system availability.

The Solar Support team The Solar Support team

The Solar Support team

The wrong number

Phone is a crucial communication channel to ensure the smooth operation of these various aspects of renewable energy technologies. At Solar Support, service technicians take and make calls relating to failures in the field. They also do consulting calls to their customer’s field technicians, and attempt to walk them through troubleshooting. The executive team also relies on the phone system to ensure calls and sales interactions are recorded as well, especially for major projects. 

So, when Solar Support’s previous phone system provider provided them with a 1-800 number that belonged to someone else, it was not just a horrible experience but also an absolute dealbreaker. They had spent money advertising the number, needed to change it and to make matters worse, they ran into awful customer support too with the said provider.

When they were looking for a new solution, they tried several phone systems — Dialpad, MightyCaller, Grasshopper, RingCentral — and none offered customer support that impressed them.

hy Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

One of their team members had prior experience with Freshdesk Contact Center, and Solar Support was already using Freshdesk Support Desk — with which Freshdesk Contact Center has a tight integration — as their ticketing system. So, it made the most sense to make the switch. But these weren’t the only reasons that made this transition easier.

“Price is king, but we always focused on customer service and responsiveness. Freshdesk Contact Center has all the features we need, out of the box, and a team we love to work with. It was an easy choice.”

Auston Taber Auston Taber
Auston Taber


Solar Support

How Solar Support leverages call recordings

Of all the features in Freshdesk Contact Center that Solar Support uses, they are making the most out of one of the most unassuming of the lot – Call Recording.

The feature once helped them resolve a major issue regarding a $9000 component. Their customer was unsure if it was the component on the right or the one on the left that had the failure. The replacement takes 4-5 hours, so it was critical to ascertain which one was the culprit. Auston recounts how they came up with a simple yet effective solution for this mammoth of a problem -

“We went back to the call recordings, we shared the recording with the customer and we were able to determine that the component on the right was having the issue. We would have potentially wasted 10 hours replacing and swapping out the wrong component, not to mention if any damage had happened.”

However, it isn’t just a one-off incident that makes call recording their favourite feature. They have multiple use cases for it. For instance, since the recordings are downloadable, they use it as a point of reference while communicating with a manager or executive from another company. 

Moreover, the integration between Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshdesk Contact Center ensures that they have immediate access to relevant recordings from the past attached to a ticket. “It makes every second of talk time relevant to a ticket, There's no searching through call logs, just open a ticket and play the call,” Auston adds.

The team also finds it easy to use. They use the slider to easily track to the important parts of the call. 

Results that matter

Solar Support’s customers are blown away by the level of documentation the company maintains using call recording. Their team is also empowered to go back to the recordings and ensure they have all the details, at all times. They don’t have to ask a customer to repeat themselves since they know that the information was already captured in the recording. This increases customer satisfaction by not keeping them on the phone for as long.

How Solar Support takes data-driven decisions with Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller)

The Solar Support team also attaches recordings to their project management tool to make sure that they have access to the entire context of a task, at all times. But it’s not just call recordings that help them optimize their productivity.

Reporting in Freshdesk Contact Center phone system Reporting in Freshdesk Contact Center phone system

They extensively use the Freshdesk Contact Center Analytics and Reporting module to drive their decision-making process. How they do it is best explained in Auston’s own words -

“The reporting [in Freshdesk Contact Center] contains a wealth of knowledge. Depending on your call volume, it can provide valuable insights into your staffing levels, your customer's experience, and the productivity of your agents. For example, seeing a high volume of completed calls is a good thing. A high volume of no answers, abandons, and voicemails means that someone hasn't been answering the phone! We use this to evaluate our teams performance. We can't track every call or spend time micromanaging the team. We can evaluate their performance though. Based on the data in the reporting module, we are able to make decisions easier.”

We asked Auston what his favourite metrics are and this is what he had to say -

““I love seeing the average time per call, and total calls for each month. It puts everything into perspective and lets us know if we need to ramp up.””

Auston Taber Auston Taber
Auston Taber


Solar Support