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To find a pocket-friendly phone system that could be scaled along with the company's expansion 

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About Ziptransfers

Ziptransfers is an Airport pick up and drop service that helps you kickstart your vacation in style and hassle-free. They provide the user with safe, reliable and frictionless pickup from over a range of 200+ airports and cruise points to your final end accommodation. The company facilitates pick and drops for groups of any size. 

With business moving in the right direction, Ziptransfers was undergoing a rapid expansion as they aggregated new customers and partners from different parts of the world every day. Since a lot of the work done entails human-human coordination, phone support is pivotal for ZipTransfers.


What tipped the scales towards Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller) 

The team realized they needed a business phone system that could keep pace with the company’s expansion and also didn’t burn a hole through their wallet. Ziptransfers felt incongruous with their initial attempts to find a phone system that was in sync with their vision — their previous vendors provided poor call quality and the user interface was very clunky and not intuitive. Many a time, the team felt that the call center management software was too technical for their team to understand and implement with ease. 

Ziptransfers felt at home with Freshdesk Contact Center. When asked why Freshdesk Contact Center, Ziptransfers replied with three words “Value for Money”. Freshdesk Contact Center provided all the features the team wanted at a much affordable price. 

Ziptransfers discovered Freshdesk Contact Center and Freshdesk Support Desk at the same time. The seamless integration meant that they could pick up any incoming calls from Freshdesk Support Desk.

This integration, not only enabled faster communication but also provided Ziptransfers’ support employees an opportunity to multi-task as they could see the relevant tickets and access the call commands at the same space, hence eliminating the need for having multiple tabs open. 

Freshdesk Contact Center is mostly used by the Customer Service team in Ziptransfers. The typical calls include resolving customer doubts, assisting with the booking process, amending bookings and offering assistance during travel. Freshdesk Contact Center has helped Ziptransfers’ support team to improve Customer Satisfaction with the help of superior call quality, minimum technical errors and features like wait queues.

“Freshdesk Contact Center is extremely intuitive and easy to use. New agents only require a short introduction. It is quick, reliable and the quality of the connection is very high. Also, it is very easy to configure. You don’t need to be an expert on virtual PBX to be able to set different call queues and other features to suit your needs.”

Ziptransfers case study Ziptransfers case study
Mike Black

Customer Service Manager


Insights based on Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller) analytics

With effective call transfer, agents now can effectively transfer calls without the use of an extension, resulting in more effective call handling. In fact, after signing up for Freshdesk Contact Center, Ziptransfers’ average incoming call handling time has gone down by 28 seconds ( decrease by 32% ). 

In addition to decreasing the average incoming call handling time, Freshdesk Contact Center’s reporting module helps the team in monitoring agent and team performance, quickly identify potential issues, and identify remarkable performers. The filtering options help them carry out narrow in-depth analysis for specific categories. 

The average handle time by agents is one feature that helps the team in identifying which agents require more support which in turn builds an employee-team relationship and improves teamwork. Call duration is yet another metric that helps the team identify the facet that requires immediate attention.