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 About Pirate Studios

UK music tech firm Pirate Studios runs the largest network of music studios in the world – 350 studios in 21 locations, including London, Berlin and Brooklyn, for a community of over 50,000 musicians globally. Founded in 2015 by David Borrie and Mikey Hammerton in an abandoned police station in Bristol, Pirate Studios was born out of a desire to create innovative spaces to support emerging talent.

David and Mikey knew from personal experience that musicians of all kinds — bands, DJs, producers, vocalists, MCs —  spent an insane amount of money on rehearsal and production studios every week, money that could be plugged into other essentials like equipment. So, they built a recording studio with the help of a friend and implemented a timeshare scheme with other bands to bring down costs, a concept that eventually spun itself into Pirate Studios.

The revolutionary model utilizes state-of-the-art IoT technology and an automated online booking system, allowing for studios to run completely self-service and accessible via keycode 24/7.

Until recently, Pirate Studios outsourced its customer service to a call center. But as their business grew, they began to realize that this was majorly affecting their user experience. So, they decided to hire their own team and build their own support center.

How Freshdesk Contact Center (Formerly Freshcaller) came into play

According to Kurt Marshall, Operations Manager at Pirate Studios, Pirate Studios started their search for a support center online because no one in the team had prior experience with phone service solutions.

Their search led them to Freshdesk Contact Center and Zendesk but the team preferred Freshdesk Contact Center because they felt like it offered the same service but at a better rate.

A team of 10 people now uses Freshdesk Contact Center to deal with customer calls concerning anything from booking inquiries and taking payments to account queries. The team also uses Freshdesk Support Desk to manage emails, monitor agent performance and reporting.

How Pirate Studios delivers better user experience

Since they have started to own their customer communications channel, the team has focussed on two aspects of the service — quality of the user experience and speed.

On an average, Pirate Studios receives about 5340 calls a month. Before Freshdesk Contact Center, the average speed of the answer was 90 seconds. This meant that a customer spent almost a minute and a half waiting in call queues before an agent answered their call. With Freshdesk Contact Center, Team Pirate Studios now has an average answer speed of 3 seconds.

“Besides a shorter wait time, the team is also able to significantly improve their user experience by making it more personal, not just faster. They can easily consult a customer's call history and notes made during previous calls, thus enabling them to provide more customised, personal service.”

Kurt Marshall

Operations Manager

Pirate Studios

Improving the quality of the user experience also involves making sure that all the agents are up to scratch. One of the team’s favorite features is the ability to monitor live calls and listen in. By doing so, senior team members can coach their teammates and even step in and take over a call, if necessary. Currently, only one person can listen in on a live call - something that Kurt hopes will change soon.


Performance Reporting on Freshdesk Contact Center

Performance Reporting on Freshdesk Contact Center

Team Pirate Studios also uses another key feature - Reports, every day to monitor call center as well as agent performance, and see how they rack up against previous days, weeks and months.