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“There are two aspects that differentiate businesses from their competitors — selling in a modern way that goes beyond conventional sales techniques, and offering great customer support. Remember to give your team the best tools available to achieve these goals!”

Jonathan Gustafsson


Marineparts Finland

About Marineparts Finland

Marineparts Finland is constantly in the pursuit of offering the best logistic solutions for procuring aftermarket spare parts for boats. Their focus is simple — reliable and fast deliveries at competitive prices. To achieve this, they are always looking for new ways to add value to their whole distribution chain and modernize the way they sell to their buyers. Almost 70% of their sales now takes place through eCommerce.

Jonathan Gustafsson, COO of Marineparts, believes these goals can be achieved if his team is equipped with the best tools available.

The quest for the best tools

Earlier, Marineparts was using a standard cloud PBX to handle inbound and outbound calls. However, this old system not only required technical skills to configure and maintain but also came with a steep learning curve. As the company grew, so did the demand to route calls from different numbers around the globe to the right support team. The cloud PBX system simply did not scale along with these requirements.

Marineparts evaluated different software like Zendesk with Zendesk Talk, Telavox and other Twilio-based PBX solutions to find the right tool for the job. Finally, they found the right match with the helpdesk and phone system combo of Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshdesk Contact Center.

The use cases

Freshdesk Contact Center phone system is primarily used by the following teams in the organization:

  • Customer support agents to provide live support

  • The sales team for answering pre-sales questions as well as finding spare parts

  • Both teams, support and sales, to perform callbacks on missed calls

What makes these scenarios possible are the following features of the Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshdesk integration:

  • Calls to tickets: Sales agents convert incoming calls with complex and technical pre-sales questions to tickets and then, return the call with the right solution to these queries.
  • Missed calls to tickets: Converting missed calls to tickets enables agents and reps to ring a caller back, thereby not missing even one opportunity to service their exisiting clientele or close a potential customer.

Better customer experience, delivered.

Callbacks are very important in a small and busy organisation like Marineparts. It helps in improving customer acquisition through great selling, and customer retention through proactive support. Callbacks are also offered when pre-sales requests cannot be answered by junior agents. In such cases, the call is recorded with the automatic call recording system of Freshdesk Contact Center, and reviewed by senior agents who perform the callback to clients

When asked about how Freshdesk Contact Center aids his larger business goals, Jonathan tells us that Freshdesk Contact Center-Freshdesk integration helps in delivering better customer experience.

“The helpdesk integration, along with features like Warm Transfer, eliminates the transfer “gap” where the customer is asked to repeat the reason why they called.”

Jonathan Gustafsson


Marineparts Finland

The callback service for a missed call is also highly appreciated by existing clients and possible new ones.

Marineparts uses Freshworks 360, the customer engagement suite that includes Freshdesk Contact Center, Freshdesk Support Desk, Freshdesk Messaging etc. “The unified experience with Freshdesk as master system is really helping us to migrate all support channels available into one single tool that our support representatives can learn to use,” says Jonathan.