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What is a Cloud Call Center?

A cloud call center is an internet-based platform used for managing customer calls and interactions. They handle a heavy volume of inbound and outbound phone calls and can be virtually accessed from anywhere, barring the need for physical infrastructure. 

Cloud call center software reduces operational costs and increases scalability to support evolving customer experience strategies. It generally comprises core technologies like — automatic call distributor (ACD) and the interactive voice response (IVR) system. A cloud call center also includes other modules, such as call monitoring, reporting, workforce management, analytics, and more.

cloud call center cloud call center

Rebuilding your customer support: On-premise vs Cloud call center

Businesses often compare cloud call centers and on-premise call centers on specific parameters. We've drafted the difference between them to help you decide if it's time to undergo a digital transformation.

Factor                                                             On-premise phone system Cloud call center
Acquisition It involves installing phone systems by linking all company phone extensions and their subsequent connections onto public phone networks. Zero telephony hardware requirements. Support agents can manage incoming business calls right on their phones while working at any place.
Hardware Requires desk phones, PBX systems, and a whole lot of other hardware to orchestrate incoming and outgoing calls. Requires no telephony hardware like traditional phones. Can be accessed via a browser using a laptop, mobile, tablet, or VoIP phone
Integrations Its telephony infrastructure makes it hard for traditional phone systems to easily integrate with other software systems. Easily integrates with other systems like CRM, helpdesk, billing software, analytics, and much more.
Maintenance Physical overhaul and manual installation of cables which results in longer downtime, faulty connections, etc.. Over-the-air upgrades as in software or mobile apps. It is seamless, can be scheduled, and rarely results in downtime. 
Business continuity Connectivity gets impacted in the event of natural calamities, physical damage, or power failures. Data centers have fallback mechanisms that ensure 99.999% uptime even during natural calamities, physical damage, or power failures.
Digital readiness Is slowly getting phased out as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems) cannot offer features required for digital-age communication. Built using 21st-century technology that is getting better with advancements in VoIP, cloud telephony, and SaaS software capabilities. 

Advantages of cloud call center

Have enhanced business continuity

Agents and admins can access the cloud-based call center anywhere, irrespective of the physical location. This contributes to a robust business continuity ensuring maximum uptime.

Improved speed to market

Businesses can get their cloud call center up and running with a shorter timeframe since hardware installation isn't needed. The entire cloud call center will be operational quickly and achieve its desired goals.

Easy addition of communication channels

Your customers would prefer to connect with your business in other ways besides the telephone. With API-based call center software, you can add new channels to your existing call center technology.

Improved focus on agent performance 

With cloud-based call centers, businesses can entirely focus on the agent's performance rather than worrying about the hardware maintenance, eventually increasing productivity.

Scale your support effortlessly

Cloud-based systems support a remote workforce. The remote nature of the cloud phone system lets you manage a global team of agents from various linguistic and technical backgrounds.

Hassle-free upgrade to new features

The provider owns the cloud center application, and the customer accesses it. Thus, any software upgrade will be readily available to the customers, and it will be the most up-to-date version.

How to choose the best cloud call center software?

Picking the right call center tool software with numerous potential combinations is not an easy feat. Based on your business need and other factors, you must pick a deployment model that improves your capability to provide excellent customer support and service. 

Here are a few essential features you should consider before choosing a cloud call center software for your business.


Agents can answer calls from anywhere

Choose the right channels for communicating with your customers and then research the best practices of setting up a call center knowledge base or a contact center. No matter the size of your business, you will reap benefits by investing in a call center during your initial days to have personal conversations with your customers. If phones are one of the primary channels of communication for your intended target audience, you will definitely need to set up a cloud call center.




call transfer call transfer

Agents can attend calls on mobile or laptop

Your prospects and customers are not going to wait while your team is in transit. Phone conversations are usually initiated for urgent gratification and hence your cloud call center should be capable of routing phone calls to the agent’s mobile or landline number. Cloud call center administrators require phone systems to help them add or remove agents, teams, business hours, greeting texts, IVR’s, and escalation queues. These changes need to be effective immediately.



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Enable call center agents to converse effectively

Administrators require a virtual phone system that provides for collaboration between the agents, builds relevant context for the conversations with customers/prospects, and removes needless hardware/software requirements. Anything that slows down your business is a concern for your call center agents. Provide a virtual phone system that can help your administrators improve your call center operations.


security practices you can trust security practices you can trust

Introducing, Freshdesk Contact Center

Freshdesk contact center is a cloud phone system that can be set up with zero hardware. Using Freshdesk Contact Center, you can purchase local and toll-free phone numbers in 50+ countries. You do not have to personally travel or send your administrators to set up your cloud phone system in every country in which you wish to have a phone number

Take calls anywhere

A cloud call center allows your agents to take calls from their desks, homes, or even when they are traveling, thus ensuring maximum uptime.

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Call Conferencing

Prevent escalations and call transfers by adding agents to your ongoing call and assist the caller better. Collaborate with ease and solve customer issues faster.

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Quick scalability

The remote nature of cloud call centers lets you assemble a global team of agents from various linguistic and technical backgrounds. This enhances software scalability.

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Service level monitoring

Be in the know of your call center performance with service level monitoring that gives a real-time view of key metrics like  (AHT) and Short abandons.

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Call monitoring

Monitor how your agents fare in delivering quality service to callers with a range of call monitoring options. Join calls with just a click of a button, and listen in discreetly.

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Effective Call Queue Management 

Set up call queues to receive callers in a streamlined manner, distribute your call load equally. Provide callbacks, customize queue messages, and route intelligently

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What is a cloud call center?

A cloud call center is a clutter-free, easy-to-manage communication platform on the cloud. All the costly and bulky hardware with a traditional PBX telephone setup goes out of the picture with a hosted platform.

Which companies should use cloud call centers?

Any small or midsize business with a customer communication team that wishes to improve its customer experience will benefit from using a cloud call center.

Can I use a cloud call center with my mobile phone?

Yes, you don't need to buy heavy equipment to use a cloud call center- all you need is a phone to start making and receiving calls.

How long does it take to migrate to a cloud call center system?

Migrating to a cloud call center is quick and effortless. Freshdesk Contact Center has helped various businesses move to the cloud. Get in touch with us to find out how long it will take for your cloud call center setup.