Why Cloud Phone System?

Streamline your business communications, offer high-level features, and operate with higher security using a Cloud phone system.

What is a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system is a business communications solution that allows you to make calls over the internet in comparison to the traditional phone system that uses copper wires or optical fibers to make a connection. 

Cloud phone system solutions are rendered either by a public-switched telephone network (PSTN) or Internet Protocol (IP). VoIP, a Voice internet protocol, is then used for transferring audio data. It transforms analog signals (voice) to digital signals to facilitate internet or cloud calling. The setup for a cloud phone system is easy since it requires only a broadband internet connection to operate and is easily accessible through any internet-enabled device.

cloud phone system cloud phone system

How is a cloud phone center different from a traditional phone system?

A traditional and cloud phone center performs the same functions — handling inbound or outbound calls. However, one of the primary factors that differentiate one from another is operational capability. 

From the physical infrastructure used to the product integrations that can be leveraged, the significant points of difference between a traditional phone system and a cloud phone system are listed below:

Factor Traditional phone system Cloud phone system
Infrastructure                          PBX boxes, telephone cables, analog circuitry, and telephone devices are required.  Zero telephony hardware requirements. A laptop, tablet, or smartphone can be used for handling calls.
Hardware Mandatory desk phones, PBX systems, and a lot of other hardware like copper wires and PBX boxes to manage the calls. Requires no telephony hardware like traditional phones. Can be easily accessed via a browser using a laptop, mobile, and tablet.
Integrations Its telephony infrastructure makes it hard for traditional phone systems to integrate with other software systems. Easily integrates with other systems like CRM, helpdesk, billing software, analytics, and much more.
Call quality Call quality is average due to distortions created by analog circuits. The use of IP networks, both at the LAN and WAN scale ensures high-quality voice data.

Benefits of cloud phone system

Attend calls anywhere

A cloud phone system enables your agents to attend calls from their desks, homes, or on the go, ensuring maximum uptime.

Contextual conversations

Call notes & recordings can give the agent a contextual understanding of the call before initiating the customer conversation.

Quick scalability

The remote nature of the cloud phone system lets you manage a global team of agents from various linguistic and technical backgrounds.

Instant setup

Adding a new extension or incorporating more agent licenses is easy without infrastructural changes that would incur substantial costs.

Integrating tools

Get a streamlined workflow by integrating your phone system with CRM or helpdesk. Attribute every call to the right agent.

Improved service levels

Use the built-in reports in the dashboard to analyze the health of the call/contact center to ideate and launch remedial measures.

How to choose the right cloud phone system?

Deploying your phone system in the cloud gives you a simple to manage solution without any hassle or cost associated with hardware-based systems. If you're looking to choose cloud platforms over a traditional setup, you must pick the right platform that suits your business model.

Here are a few essential questions you should ask yourself before choosing a cloud phone system for your business.


What are the capabilities of the platform?

It's important to list your business goals and the go-to strategy to achieve them by picking a suitable cloud phone system for your company. While it might be tempting to directly pick a cloud phone solution software based on online ratings, it's important to spend some time brainstorming the requirements with your team.






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Will the platform provide a good Customer Experience?

A positive customer experience is crucial if you target a greater return on your communications investments. Thus, you must partner with a provider whose cornerstone goals are customer value and satisfaction. The friction in customer engagement is reduced; achieving superior customer service and assistance throughout all phases of the customer journey.







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How secure is your data on the platform?

Customer communication involves sensitive customer information. Hence, it's essential to understand if the platform's security is robust enough to guard your data. A company's customer database is the priority of any business, reflecting the brand's integrity.





security practices you can trust security practices you can trust

How to set up a cloud phone system

Buy your cloud phone numbers across 90+ countries or Bring your own carrier (BYOC), and you can setup for your sales, support & virtual workforce.

Buy your phone numbers

Choose from local, toll-free, and vanity numbers from across the globe. Create a unique business contact number and be accessible from anywhere.

Add your team

Add your team members as agents with a click of a button. Create different teams across organizations as per your business needs.

Set up your call flows

Complete your call flows with voice-mails and IVRs. Route calls to the relevant teams by setting up customized call queues..

Establish your Business Hours

Build rules around your business operating hours. Customize your call flows depending on your business hours and never miss a call. 

Deploy Multi-level IVRs

Connect your callers to the most relevant teams using multilevel IVRs. Utilize self-service options to help callers get answers without delays.

Use the Mobile App

Make and take calls on the go. Enable your agents to attend calls from anywhere without the need to be tied down by laptops/desktops anymore.

Introducing, Freshdesk Contact Center

Freshdesk contact center is a cloud phone system that can be set up with zero hardware. Using Freshdesk Contact Center, you can purchase local and toll-free phone numbers in 50+ countries. You do not have to personally travel or send your administrators to set up your cloud phone system in every country in which you wish to have a phone number

Multi-Level IVR

Renovate your business call handling process with a fully flexible PBX system to easily route calls to your agents or teams, along with the ability to include self-service options. 

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Call Conferencing

Prevent escalations and call transfers by adding agents to your ongoing call and assist the caller better. Collaborate with ease and solve customer issues faster.

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Inbound Caller ID

See detailed information about every incoming call based on caller details and previous interactions. Identify callers and help agents view caller-related information.

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Service level monitoring

Be in the know of your call center performance with service level monitoring that gives a real-time view of key metrics like  (AHT) and Short abandons.

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Call monitoring

Monitor how your agents fare in delivering quality service to callers with a range of call monitoring options. Join calls with just a click of a button, and listen in discreetly.

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Effective Call Queue Management 

Set up call queues to receive callers in a streamlined manner, distribute your call load equally. Provide callbacks, customize queue messages, and route intelligently

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What is a cloud phone system?

A cloud phone system is a clutter-free, easy-to-manage communication platform on the cloud. All the costly and bulky hardware with a traditional PBX telephone setup goes out of the picture with a hosted platform.

Which companies should use cloud phone systems?

Any small or midsize business with a customer communication team that wishes to improve its customer experience will benefit from using a cloud phone system.

Can I use a cloud phone system with my mobile phone?

Yes, you don't need to buy heavy equipment to use a cloud phone system - all you need is a phone to start making and receiving calls.

How long does it take to migrate to a cloud phone system?

Migrating to a cloud phone system is quick and effortless. Freshdesk Contact Center has helped various businesses move to the cloud. Get in touch with us to find out how long it will take for your cloud phone center setup.