Why is Freshcaller the best eVoice alternative?

All data as if July 2019

International phone numbers are not an add-on feature!

Why use a phone system that considers international phone numbers as an add on feature? Don't pay more to use international numbers. 

Get phone numbers in 90+ countries. Call globally at local rates.

Buy phone numbers in 90+ countries with any of our plans and reach customers worldwide.

A product that doesn't let you cancel is a red flag!

Many users complain about not being able to cancel their service or being charged for months after cancelling their service. Yikes!

You can cancel anytime. There are no strings attached.

We strive to provide the best service we can. However we respect your decision, if you want, you can cancel anytime.

Don't opt for a product that limits you.

Forcing you to upgrade to higher plans purely on the basis of your phone team size shows little empathy.

Add unlimited agents even at $0.

You deserve to dream big, add any number of agents and stay on the plan most suited to your phone needs.

Don't upgrade to buy more phone numbers.

Don’t use a product that imposes a limit on the number of phone numbers you can own!

Buy unlimited phone numbers with any plan.

We don't restrict you, buy and use as many numbers as you require for your business.

What does Freshcaller have that eVoice doesn’t?

What does Freshcaller have that eVoice doesn’t?

Service Level Monitoring

Monitor the service level performance of your teams

Call Masking

Personalize your business number by masking

Multi-level IVR or Phone Trees

Manage a multi-level interlinked IVR system

Call Recording

Record all your phone conversations at no extra cost

Freshcaller: Your eVoice alternative