Why is Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) the best eVoice alternative?

All data as of August 2020

Why spend extra on add-ons?

With eVoice, capabilities such as call recording and International phone numbers have to be purchased as add-ons, which means you’ll have to pay a monthly fee on top of your agent licensing fee to get these features.

All you need under one plan. No add-ons. 

Essential capabilities such as international phone numbers and call recording are not billed as add-ons in Freshdesk Contact Center. These features are included within your plan and you don’t have to spend extra.

You are missing out on crucial integrations

If your phone system cannot integrate with your CRM or Helpdesk, your agents and reps will waste valuable time jumping from one tool to another. This siloed experience will have an adverse impact on your productivity. 

Integrate freely with your CRM or Helpdesk

Freshdesk Contact Center integrates with many CRM and Helpdesk tools available in the market. Your agent and reps no longer need to switch between tools. This unified experience will boost your phone team’s productivity.

Don’t be left behind in the Artificial Intelligence revolution

AI can improve the performance of your phone team by leaps and bounds, and is taking the customer experience industry by storm.

Future-proof your call center with AI capabilities

Freshdesk Contact Center offers features such as Voicebot and Speech-enabled IVR. AI power your call center and be more efficient.

Explore Freshdesk Contact Center's capabilties

Explore Freshdesk Contact Center's capabilties

Service Level Monitoring

Monitor the service level performance of your teams

Call Masking

Personalize your business number by masking

Multi-level IVR or Phone Trees

Manage a multi-level interlinked IVR system

Call Recording

Record all your phone conversations at no extra cost

Freshdesk Contact Center: Your eVoice alternative